Monday, February 28, 2022

Kissed By The Cardboard Gods

Enrique "Kiki" Hernadez is a mortal man. One who plays baseball, and plays it well. He's not a superstar, and not likely to ever join their ranks. He's never been an All-Star, nor contended for a major award. However Kiki, above all others, has been blessed by the cardboard gods. 

Early in his Topps portfolio, his cards were solid - not a bad one in the bunch, although nothing memorable. The powers that be clearly had their eyes on him, to see if he was truly worthy of cardboard greatness.

2015 Topps Update #US117

2016 Topps #435

2017 Topps #685

2018 Topps #680

He was indeed worthy. In 2019 we began to see a run of sports card beauty that has been unmatched in the annals of the hobby:
2019 Topps #117

2020 Topps #135

2021 Topps #465
Even a team subset card of his proved to be fun and memorable!

2021 Topps Update #US287

The cardboard gods have shown their favor to Mr. Hernandez yet again this year:

2022 Topps #90
Wow.  Just wow. This is the best one yet.

I ask you, has any player received such a stretch of great cards? Not even the venerated Kirt Manwaring can hold a candle to Enrique Hernandez!


  1. Kee-kay definitely has some killer cards! (I have to go check out Manwaring's flagship singles now)

  2. Just like all sidearm pitchers' cards must show them pitching, all Enrique cards now must show him in some twisted mid-air throwing motion!

  3. I think Manwaring still has Kiké beat, but give him a few years.

  4. That's a pretty fantastic run of Kiké cards. And I wasn't sure what you meant by Manwaring, so I looked up his cards on COMC and wow... he has some fantastic cards as well.