Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Repack Haiku #238 (Tom Trebelhorn)

Managed in Boise
Taught the art of base stealing
To a young Rickey
1987 Topps Traded
#121T Tom Trebelhorn (MGR)

In his Hall of Fame induction speech, Rickey Henderson thanked Trebelhorn:
"In 1976, my first year in the minors league, my coach, Tom Trebelhorn, helped me develop my skill in base running and taught me to play the game hard. I had not perfected how to take a lead or how to slide. Tom asked me to come to practice early every day and work on my sliding and base running skill. I guess, Tom, that hard work paid off for me, and I am very grateful."

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  1. He answered my baseball card interview questions many years ago. Never knew his impact on Rickey - very cool!

  2. Wow I didn't know he helped the "greatest of all time" with his base stealing.

  3. I'm pretty sure I listened to Rickey's HOF speech... but either I missed that part or forgot that tidbit since it was years ago. This time around I hope I won't forget.

  4. good one! that has to be a huge career highlight for trebelhorn.

  5. Like everybody else, this was news to me. It was good of Rickey to thank him in his speech too.