Friday, January 28, 2022

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Wellington, FL

This is a small trade, but it has a good story. I made a trade with a relatively new member to the TCDB named Mark. I sent out a few extra 2019 Topps I had in exchange for these two cards:
It's the Dwight Evans card I want to talk about. This card from the 1991 Topps set came in both an ERR and COR version. (The error, if you're curious: not getting that little diamond on the stats to notate he tied for the league lead in games played. I know, not earth shattering.) Now, I'm not one to go hunt down every variation of a card, but in this case I wanted both copies. It's one of my favorites from the underappreciated 1991 set. If the picture was clearer it would be Stadium Club worthy. I had the error card (a few copies of it actually) but the corrected version alluded me until Mark offered it up in a trade. 

Sadly, when the cards arrived, I checked the card and realized that I had yet another error version of the card instead. I wasn't upset. It's hard to keep track of these minor variations, and I'm almost positive I've got a few mislabeled in my TCDB collection. (God help those poor souls that are trying to collect variations of those late 80's Donruss sets!) Still, I messaged Mark about it to see if this card was sent to me in "error" (See what I did there?) or if it was just a case of the card not being entered correctly.
It's great when trades go smoothly, but the real measure of how good a trade partner is happens when something goes wrong. In a 15 minute span, Mark sent me three messages: an offer to adjust what I sent to him, another offer of a replacement card, and finally a I just bought the card off eBay and will send it to you as soon as I get it. Wow! I would have been content with either of the first two options, but Mark went above and beyond to get me the card he initially offered me. That's an A+ trader in my book.
Thanks Mark! I hope we can match up on another trade soon!


  1. Wow, thatta guy! That's how you do things right. Was gonna say let me check my extras, I collect Dewey and all the '91 errors and might have one...

  2. How is it that 1991 Topps keeps looking better and better with each passing year?