Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Repack Haiku #120 (Adrian Beltre)

Before Rangers deal,
Did anyone predict this?
Slam-dunk for the Hall

2018 Topps #254 Adrian Beltre


  1. Great point! His bWAR before heading to the Rangers was 52.4 over 13 seasons, and then he went for an outstanding 43.2 in Texas. That vaulted him all the way up to 4th in JAWS for 3Bs. Wow!

  2. Never really thought about it until I read your haiku... but the whole Rangers thing really helped his career. Back in 2011 (his first year with the Rangers), I picked up a PSA 10 copy of his 1997 Bowman Chrome rookie card for $5.38 on COMC. One of my best purchases ever in regards to "buying low".

  3. Beltre revived his career with that one season he spent with the Boston Red Sox back in 2010. He hit .321 in what would be the first of 4 All-Star team selections.