Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Repack Haiku #230 (Ron Cey, but he deserves better)

TriStar Signa Cuts
Abominations or not?
You get to decide
2008 TriStar Signa Cuts Baseball Edition
#NNO Ron Cey (AU)

Another great guest haiku from Jim (Cards As I See Them)! My personal opinion: If this signature had come from an index card, cancelled check, personal correspondence, literally anything else that Mr. Cey would have signed in his day to day life - I would have no issue with the card. But because they took a perfectly good autographed card and cut it so they could market it as their own product, I'm against it.

Thanks Jim!


  1. Played for the Dodgers
    Won NL East with the Cubs
    Known as the Penguin

  2. Totally agree. Cutting up a signed card is lame.

  3. clearly abominations, but i can't help myself sometimes.