Monday, February 19, 2024

Time Travel Trading Update #86

7 years. I'm starting the 7th year of this little trading endeavor. I started out with just a single pack of 2018 Topps, and now almost 300 trades later and I'm still going strong. It's been tradition each year to include a pack of the latest Topps base set. This will be the 7th pack I've added, the rest is all you guys. Thank you so much for the support!

 It seems you can't find single packs in the retail stores anymore, so I had to buy a blaster box and pick one. And yes, full disclosure, I pick the pack that I like the least. Not that this one is bad or anything.

By adding this pack, I also get to do something I've never done before: Start a post with cards from 2024, and (spoiler alert!) end with a card from 1924, a nice neat 100-year span! But first, we have some great trades to go through...
We start things off a trade from Bo (Baseball Cards Come to Life!). You might have missed Bo's regular offerings last month. Bo's return trade from last time came a bit later than normal, and just missed my self-imposed deadline.

As always, some great cards! There's a little football and basketball mixed in with the baseball, plus a very cool cards from the 1952 Topps Look 'n See set!
Another one of my regulars, the always generous Brendan (The View From The Third Floor) picked up some early 80's cards. He usually sends more than he trades for, and is probably one of the main reasons why my trade stack has over 800 cards in it now!

I'm seriously considering snagging that Helton card for myself. I'll let everyone else have first crack at it though!
Guess who's back? (Back again!) Bo is back! (Tell a friend!) Now that song is stuck in my head... Anyway, Bo didn't waste any time sending cards for last month's trade. This one packs a wallop with over a dozen 1955 Topps cards!

Hey, the Pacific Legends are cool too, but those 55's!
Next up is my third trade with John (Adventures Of A Baseball Card Collector). He picked up some vintage needs, and sent back a quintet of great cards:

We finish things up with my trade with Jon (A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts), who snagged that great Lou Gehrig oddball card. He made the trade worthwhile!

I find it amusing when different trade partners send me cards from the same set. Just like that, I now have two cards from the 1952 Topps Look 'n See set! On the right is a card from the 1924 Lambert & Butler Wonders of Nature set - 100 years older than the first cards I showed on this post. Amazing.

As always, my thanks to Bo, Brendan, John, and Jon!
As always, these cards are all available in exchange for an older card. You can claim your cards below, or through the TCDB (Kep75). Let's make some trades! 

The Time Travel Trade Stack:

2024 Topps
#85 Jose Ferrer (RC)
#120 Edwin Diaz
#171 Jacob deGrom
#225 Brusdar Graterol
#239 Keibert Ruiz
#258 Nathan Eovaldi
#265 Alika Williams (RC)
#282 Alek Thomas
#304 Evan Longoria
#314 Max Muncy

2024 Topps - Stars of MLB
#SMLB-25 Pete Crow-Armstrong

2024 Topps - Stars of MLB Chrome
#CSMLB-1 Paul Goldschmidt
2022-23 Donruss (basketball)
#131 Kendrick Nunn
#151 Jae'Sean Tate
#188 Nassir Little
2022 Topps Opening Day - Opening Day Autographs
#ODA-LWJ LaMonte Wade Jr. (AU)  
2021-22 Donruss - Magicians (basketball)
2021-22 Donruss (soccer)
#183 Jose Macias (RR)
2020 Leaf Draft - Gold (football)
#66 CeeDee Lamb (AA)
#77 Collin Johnson (TD)   

2017-18 Donruss (basketball)
#75 Chandler Parsons
2017 Topps - MLB Award Winners
2015-16 Donruss (basketball)
#49 John Wall
2014 Topps
#253 Todd Helton (BH, CL) 
2012 Topps Stickers
#237 Bernie Brewer (MAS) 
2010 Bowman - Prospects Black
#BP51 Chase D'Arnaud
#BP56 Rolando Gomez

2010 Bowman Platinum - Prospects
#PP38 Brian Johnson      
2010 Topps (football)
#249 David Garrard
2010 Topps Chrome (football)
#C141 T.J. Houshmandzadeh
2009 Bowman - Chrome WBC Prospects
#BCW18 Tao Bu  
2009 Donruss Americana (non-sport)
#50 Francesco Quinn
2008 Topps New York Yankees
#NYY8 Jason Giambi
2008 Topps (football)
#301 Larry Fitzgerald (PB) 
2007 Upper Deck MLB Rookie Card of the Month
#ROM-4 Ryan Braun 
2007 Playoff Prestige (football) 
2006 Topps Updates & Highlights
#UH172 Mike Piazza (SH)
2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia
#44 Shawn Green
2004 Bowman Chrome
#263 Jeff Allison (FY, RC) 
2004 Just Rookies - 05 Preview Autographs
2002 Fleer Maximum
2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes
#88 Andy Petitte
2001 Topps Archives
#20 Gaylord Perry
1999-00 Topps (basketball)
#16 Eric William 
1999 SkyBox Metal Universe (football)
#116 Tiki Barber
1999 Stadium Club
#214 Tony Saunders 
1998 Pinnacle Performers
#14 Hideo Nomo
1997 Collector's Choice
#215 Glenallen Hill  
1997 Pinnacle Inside
#111 Matt Williams

1997 Pinnacle X-Press
#64 Craig Biggio   
1997 Upper Deck
#13 Mark Lemke

1996 Leaf
1996 SP
1996 Upper Deck
#358 Todd Worrell
1995 Finest (football)
#124 Trent Dilfer     
1995 Skybox Jumanji (non-sport)
#31 Help Us Finish
1994-95 Finest (basketball)
#43 Rex Chapman  

1994 Collector's Choice
#636 David Justice (UC&P)
1994 Finest
#413 Mark Portugal
1994 Fleer
#295 Tino Martinez 
1994 Panini Stickers
#207 Sean Berry
#208 Wil Cordero 
1994 Classic Four Sport (multi-sport)
#145 Chad Penney  
1994 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Indianapolis 500 Champions Collection (racing)
#NNO Danny Sullivan
#NNO Mario Andretti
1993 Leaf
1993 Stadium Club
1993 Action Packed Hall of Fame (basketball)
#37 Connie Hawkins
1993 Classic '93 Hockey Draft (hockey)
#40 Saku Koivu 
1993 Classic Four Sport (multi-sport)
#246 Mike Rathje
1992 Front Row Draft Picks
#46 Ed Christian   
1992 Pinnacle
1992 Score
#845 Kenny Lofton (RP) 
1991-92 Upper Deck (basketbal)
1989-92 Racing Champions Stock Car (racing)
#01126 Geoff Bodine
1991 Score
1991 Score Rookie & Traded
#58T Fred McGriff 
1991 Topps
#575 Robin Yount

1991 Ultra
#130 Lou Whitaker  
1991 Upper Deck
1991 Fleer (football)
1991 Pro Set (football)
1991 Pro Set Platinum (football)
#81 Lawrence Taylor

1991 Topps Desert Storm (non-sport)
#147 Working Together   
1990-91 Pro Set Super Bowl XXV Silver Anniversary (football)
#88 Nick Buoniconti
#134 Johnny Unitas 
1990-91 Fleer (basketball)
#21 Kelly Tripucka
#21 Kelly Tripucka

1990 Fleer
1990 Pacific Legends
#34 Don Kessinger
1990 Score (football)
#436 Chet Brooks (RC)
1990 Topps Traded (football)
#102T Howard Cross (RC)
1989-90 Fleer (basketball)

1989-90 Hoops (basketball)
#64 Armon Gilliam

1989 Topps
#628 Matt Williams
#648 Sandy Alomar Jr. (FS, RC, VAR)
#764 Robin Ventura (FRDP, RC)
1988 Card Collectors T-206 Reprint
#NNO Matty McIntyre
1988 Donruss 
1988 Pacific Legends I
#11 Harvey Haddix
#71 Chuck Connors
1988 Topps Toys "R" Us Rookies
#13 Mike Henneman
1988 Topps Traded
1987 Fleer Update
#U-108 Kevin Seitzer

1987 O-Pee-Chee
#345 Andre Dawson
#371 Dave Schmidt
1987 Topps 
1986 Donruss
1986 Fleer Baseball's Best Sluggers vs. Pitchers
1985 Topps #403
Cory Snyder (OLY, RC) 
1985 Topps (football)
#53 Lions Team Leaders (TL)
1984-85 Topps (hockey)
#3 Tom Fergus 
1984 Donruss
#625 Runnin' Redbirds 

1984 Fleer
1983 O-Pee-Chee
#104 Ron Guidry  
1983 Topps
#398 Manny Trillo (AS)

1983 Topps Drake's Big Hitters
#14 Dave Kingman
1982-85 Galasso Baseball Hobby Card Report T-206 Reprints
1982 Dover Publications Reprints National League
#15 Robin Roberts
1982 Fleer
#185 Gary Carter 
1982 Topps
1982 Topps (football) 
1981-82 Topps (hockey)
#51 Dale McCourt (TL)
1981 Donruss  
1981 Fleer
#427 Steve Braun

1981 Topps
1980 Topps 
#65 Al Bumbry
#281 Vern Den Herder 
#505 Joe Washington
1979 Kellogg's 3-D Super Stars
#25 Darrell Porter (COR, SP)

1979 Topps 
1979 Topps (football)

1978-79 Topps (basketball)
#118 Kevin Porter 

1978 Topps  
1977 Dover Publications Classic Baseball Cards Reprints
#10 Lefty O'Doul
#18 Jimmie Dykes
#99 Hal Chase
#NNO Melvin Harder
#NNO Fred Merkle
1977 Topps
1977 Topps (football)

1976 Topps

1976 Topps (football)

1975 Topps
1974-75 Topps (hockey)
#13 Syl Apps
1974 Topps - Traded
#43T Jim Wynn
1974 Topps (football)
#3 Don Hansen

1972 Topps  
#323 Earl Weaver (MGR) 
1971 Topps
1971 Topps (football)
#8 Walt Garrison (RC)
1970 Topps
#2 Diego Segui
#287 Fred Talbot   #390 Willie Davis    
1970 Topps (football)
1969 Globe Imports Playing Cards Gas Station Issue
#2♦ Paul Casanova
1969 Topps
#19 Ken Suarez
1969 Topps - Four-in-One Singles (football)
#NNO Ralph Baker
#NNO John Bramlett
#NNO Billy Martin
#NNO Bob Talamini 
1968 Topps
#98 Gary Sutherland

1967 Topps

1966 Topps
#10 Tony Cloninger
#12 John Tsitouris
#13 Lou Johnson
#16 Larry Brown 
1965 Topps
#17 Johnny Romano
1964 Ed-U-Cards Washington Senators Baseball Card Game
#NNO Ball

1964 Topps 
1963 Topps
#26 Ray Moore
1962 Topps
1961 Topps
#125 Steve Barber 
1960 Topps

1959 Topps
#394 Jim Grant (RC) 

1957 Topps
#133 Del Crandall
1956 Topps (football)
#51 Ted Marchibroda
1955 Bowman
1955 Topps
#12 Jake Thies (RC)
#14 Jim Finigan (RC)
#30 Vic Power
#32 Ed McGhee
#34 Wayne Terwilliger
#48 Bob Kennedy
#49 J.W. Porter
#55 Rip Repulski
#59 Gair Allie <30>
#61 Spook Jacobs
#66 Ron Jackson (RC)
#68 Jim Davis (RC)
#81 Gene Conley
1955 Bowman (football)
#9 Don Stonesifer
1954 Topps
#215 Ed McGhee

1954 Bowman Power For Peace (non-sport)
#91 USS Coral Sea (CVB43)

1953 Topps
1952 Topps Look 'n See (R714-16) (non-sport)
#75 Elias Howe
#92 Louis Daguerre 
1951 Bowman (football)
#118 Frank Reagan
1939 Wills's Garden Flowers by Richard Sudell (non-sport)
#38 Petunia

1938 Church & Dwight Useful Birds Of America Tenth Series (J9-6) (non-sport)
#2 Black-throated Green Warbler
1938 Churchman's Boxing Personalities (boxing)
#45 Ted Broadribb
#48 Arthur J. Elvin 

1937-38  Diamond Matchbooks Tan 6 (hockey)
#NNO Glenn Brydson
1935 Church & Dwight Useful Birds of America Eighth Series (J9-4) (non-sport)
#10 California Jay

1933 Church & Dwight Useful Birds of America Fifth Series (J9-1) (non-sport)
#5 Indigo Bunting 
1925 Sports Records (multi-sport)
1924 Imperial Tobacco Co. of Canada (ITC) Dogs Series (non-sport)
#4 Otter-Hound
1924 Lambert & Butler Wonders of Nature (non-sport)
#25 Army-Worms and Fly 

1922 Church & Dwight Useful Birds Of America Third Series (J7) (non-sport)
#7 Prothonotary Warbler

1915 Church & Dwight Useful Birds Of America First Series (J5) (non-sport)
#1 Quail
1910 Champions (T218) (multi-sport)
1890 N245 Sweet Caporal Actors & Actresses (non-sport)
#NNO Frankie Raymond

The Time Travel Trading Project is simple in concept. I started out with a random pack of 2018 Topps Series 1 baseball cards. My aim was to trade every card in that pack for something older. Each card I receive in turn is then made available for trade, with the goal to get the oldest card I can get.

Number of trades completed: 289
Unique trading partners: 73

Number of cards mailed out: 1,571
Year of oldest card mailed out: 1910-11

Number of cards received: 2,305
Year of oldest card received: 1890


  1. OK! Happy 7 years. Mailing out my return tomorrow. ... For this one requesting: 2024 Graterol and Muncy, 2022 Wade Jr. auto, 1994 Fleer Tino Martinez, 1987 OPC Dawson, Kennedy and Schmidt, 1983 OPC Guidry and 1965 Bob Purkey. Thanks for continuing to do this!

  2. As per tradition, I'll claim any '24s left over after everyone else has claimed. Thank you!

  3. I'll claim the 2024 Diaz, DeGrom, and Eovaldi, as well as the 1955 Power, Terwilliger, and Spook Jacobs.

  4. Can you respond to my trade offer please?

  5. All cards have been mailed out!

  6. I know that I'm way late here, and even though there's nothing for me this time, I did still want to congratulate you on being able to keep this idea for so long. I think I've said it before, but this concept was/is really great, and I kind of wish that I had thought of it before you. That being said, I can only imagine how much effort this has required over the years, so it's a real testament to you to have it still humming along after all of this time.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. I easily spend more time keeping the Time Travel cards organized than I do my main collection!