Monday, September 25, 2023

Time Travelling In The Infinite Void Of My Wife's Purse

Image from D&D 5e Wiki

In the realm of Dungeons & Dragons, it's called the Bag of Holding - a magical item that allows you to hold an infinite number of objects. Like Dr. Who's TARDIS, they are bigger on the inside. Santa Claus has one. Magicians wear theirs on their head and pull rabbits from them. They're quite useful.

My wife has one too (actually multiple). She calls them purses, and chances are if you need something, she will have it in one of them. The only downside is whenever I need a tissue or a breath mint, I have to go digging for it. I have more than once spent up to 15 minutes looking for something inside her purse, only to have her come in and find it instantaneously.  I guess I don't know the secret incantation...

Why am I telling you this?

In the Spring of last year, I had a slight problem with my Time Travel Trading Project. Not one, but two trades never got completed. I never received my end of either trade. Both trades were initiated around the same time, and both trade partners were men of good standing/fellow bloggers that I  have traded with multiple times in the past (i.e. no reason to suspect anything faulty on their end). I assumed it was a delay in the postal service, which is common and the most likely cause. After three months, I wrote them off as lost/stolen and moved on.

Fast forward to last week. My wife handed me an envelope and said she found it while she was cleaning out one of her purses. From the timeless void, one of the lost trades had finally made it way to my hands, a mere 16 months after it was originally sent out!

Talk about Time Traveling Cards! 

Rather than save these cards and show them off in the next update, I'm making a special post to just add them now.

These cards came from Daniel (It's Like Having My Own Card Shop). At the time, he was working on completing the 1974 Topps Traded set (which happily he did finish) and picked up three cards towards that goal. 
These three cards are now added to the stack (and there's still a ton of great unclaimed cards if you missed the last update!)
Thanks again, Daniel! Now if I could only find which purse contains that other missing envelope...


  1. LOL! Same happens with my wife. I'll claim the '69 Koonce and '70 Flood if available.

  2. Glad you made it back out of that purse without disappearing yourself!

  3. Watch out for the purse that contains a purse... I think it's a "handbag", but no it's a "purse"

  4. It's a probably a good thing that I'm not married, because if I was, and something like this happened, I'd end up having some very choice words for the missus.