Friday, September 29, 2023

Top 5 Tribute: Brooks Robinson

Earlier this week, the baseball world lost Hall Of Fame third baseman Brooks Robinson. In honor of his extraordinary career, I humbly present the Top 5 cards of him I have in my collection.

1978 Topps #4

('77 Record Breaker)

Robinson's final appearance in a Topps base set was this card celebrating a record 23 years with only one club, a record he still shares with Carl Yastrzemski.

1989 Kahn's/Hillshire Farm

Cooperstown Collection #NNO

Robinson was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1983 with 92% of the vote. He became the first third baseman to be elected in his first year of eligibility.

1998 Sports Illustrated Then and Now

 - Great Shots! #21 GS

(Brooks Robinson/Frank Robinson)

From 1966-1971, the Robinsons teamed up to lead the Orioles to two World Championships. Fun Fact: Only two players in MLB history have won the AL MVP, All-Star Game MVP, and World Series MVP - that's right, Brooks and Frank Robinson!

2019 Stadium Club #12

Nicknamed "The Human Vacuum Cleaner", no position player has won more Gold Gloves than the 16 that Brooks won consecutively from 1960-1975. Appropriately, the statue of him outside of Camden Yards in Baltimore features him wearing a golden glove.

2021 Topps Archives

- 1989 Topps Big Foil #89BF-25

Two reasons to end this tribute with this card - that fantastic orange jersey, and that smile. Brooks Robinson was highly regarded by his peers and fans alike for his humility and friendly demeanor.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Robinson, and thank you.


  1. Some great photos on those cards.

  2. That 2019 Stadium Club card is fantastic. Brooks had a lot of neat cards in recent years, and in his playing days.

  3. That photo used on his SC card is awesome! And that piece of trivia about him and Yaz holding the record of consecutive seasons with one club is really, really cool.

  4. It still weirds me out to see Topps Big cards that aren't actually "big".