Monday, September 11, 2023

Red Sox Frankenset: Choosing Cards #1-3

I got to be honest, I've hit a bit of a rough patch when it comes to writing posts. Outside of a repack box to fuel my haiku series, I haven't bought many cards this summer. Also, I haven't done much trading outside of the Time Travel Trading Project. I do have a few posts I'm working on but aren't ready yet, thanks to a little bit of writer's block.

So I decided to move ahead with an idea I had. Being a team collector means that I often end up with a lot of copies of various Red Sox cards, and I've been toying with the idea of taking some of those cards and creating a Frankenset. I figured it would be fun to show off what I have, and get you all to help vote which cards should make the Frankenset.

A couple of thoughts as to how I hope to build this set. For starters, I don't want it to be comprised all of All-Stars and Hall of Famers. I want to give equal billing to the fan favorites, the bench and bullpen guys, the one season wonders, and so forth. In a perfect world, a player would only appear once in the Frankenset, but I know as of now that will not be feasible. Until it is, I'm going to try and limit a player to once per page. 

I'm using the TCDB to see what cards of each number I have doubles of. In the future I'll probably consider cards with letter incorporated in the card number (i.e. traded sets), but for now, I'm sticking with just the plain numbered cards. 

Lets start with the top row of the first page. Leave a comment and pick your choices!


Just a heads up: since my collecting peak was in the late 80's and early 90's, you are going to see a lot of the same players, especially Roger Clemens and Wade Boggs. Again, my goal will be to hopefully only feature them each once per page. We'll see how that goes. I have some great Red Sox cards that lead off different sets, and it's a shame I don't have doubles of either the 2019 Stadium Club Mookie Betts or the 2019 Heritage Red Sox team card. That being said, there is something to be said for the Roger Clemens card. Not only was he my favorite player growing up, but that 20 strikeout game was a big factor how he ended up so. By becoming my favorite player, the Red Sox became my favorite team, and the rest is history. Plus, the 1987 Topps set was the first set I ever hand completed.

My choice: 1987 Topps #1 Roger Clemens (RB)


I told you there would be a lot of Clemens and Boggs! Although it's probably my least favorite of the quartet, the fact I lead off with a Clemens card makes this the de facto choice. (I suppose I could go with my second choice for spot #1, the Greenwell, so I could put a better Rocket card here, but again that Clemens Record Breaker is a great testament to my fandom.)

My choice: 1989 Topps #2 Wade Boggs (RB)


Finally, some diverse choices, and none of them are Clemens! Boggs has been picked, so he's out despite being a great food-issue card. Evans suffers from being another 1987 Topps card. Doerr would be a great choice except for one little issue - my extra copy of this Hall of Fame player is autographed and will remain well protected. That leaves two - do I complete the trifecta of Record Breaker cards with Reardon, or do I go horizontal and celebrate an important highlight from the team's latest World Series Championship?

My choice: 2019 Topps #3 Eduardo Nunez (WS)

So unless any of you can convince me otherwise, my top row of page 1 will look like this.
OK, not going to lie...having a horizontal card there bothers me a little, but I'm hoping once the page is filled out, I'll be OK with it.

What say you? Which cards would you choose?


  1. I'd go with Evans with #3 for three record breakers in a row.

  2. 1 - Boggs
    2 - Clemens DK
    3 - Evans

    I think the best card here is the Clemens DK. So that makes it Boggs vs Greenwell for the #1 spot. Boggs just deserves it more. Then for 3, Evans was more Red Soxian than Reardon. Doerr is post-retirement. Nunez is a ho card.

  3. I'd have gone Boggs 1 and Clemens 2, mostly because I like Boggs more and think he's more deserving of the honor, but that's my own opinion. Then could have gone with Dewey for 3 because it wouldn't be reusing a design, although as a Mets fan I wouldn't mind seeing Reardon there.

  4. Personally, I would avoid any horizontal cards, then I'd go with the Evans. The other two are solid choices.

  5. I'd go Clemens '87, Clemens For the Record (I have that one and always loved that card), then the Evans' 87.

    Yeah I know two 87s and two Clemens, but just like the action shots of 87, and unusual look of the Fleer...

  6. Record Breakers for the top row! Clemens, Boggs, Reardon.

  7. You have writer's block and I seem to have collector's block. Trade? :)