Monday, January 18, 2021

Time Travel Trading Update #49

When I create these update posts, I try to prepare the next month's update in advance. I'll copy over the trade stack, and update things as the cards come in. That was a little harder to do this time around with the holidays and Covid, as I just didn't have the energy to stay on top of it. Needless to say I was scrambling a little to get this in. Hopefully next month will be easier as things get back to normal, but for now let's see what new additions are available!
My last update featured a great trade from Chris (The Collector/The 1993). He had mention during the trade that he wanted to send a little something extra, and just before the holidays he sent a PWE with some serious star power!

That Stan Musial card is fantastic, and I have a gut feeling this entire group will not last long in my trade box. Thanks for the extra cards, Chris!

Next up as a trade from Brendan, proprietor of the blog The View From the Third Floor.  This was an unusual trade, in that we had a difficult time communicating for some reason. He commented on my blog about wanting to trade and provided his email for me to contact him. I did, twice, but for some reason he never got the messages. I commented on his blog and gave him my email, but never got any messages either. Out of the blue, I received some cards from Brendan, along with a list of cards he was hoping to get in return. I was more than happy to send off some cards in exchange for what he sent me:

Thanks again Brendan!

I did get one more trade in, but it was close to when I wanted this post published and I didn't have time to take pics of the cards. I'll save it next time. I also have a pending trade which I hope to complete by then as well.

Let's start the year off with some trades! All cards listed below are available for an older card!

The Time Travel Trade Stack:

2018 Stadium Club
#52 Paul Goldschmidt

2018 Topps
#502 Xander Bogaerts

2017-1018 Pocket Schedule
Carolina Hurricanes

2017 Bowman
#12 Trea Turner
2011 Topps Lineage
#182 Frank Robinson

2008-09 O-Pee-Chee (hockey)
#128 Tim Thomas
2004 Donruss Studio
#184 Stan Musial

2003 Donruss Classics
#24 C.C. Sabathia

1998 Score
#68 Scott Rolen
#74 Mark McLemore

1994 Sportflics
#113 Pete Harnisch
1993 Leaf
#271 Jay Buhner

1993 Classic Draft Picks (basketball)
#33 Will Flemons
#67 Bennie Seltzer

1992 Fleer Ultra
#594 Dave Righetti

1991 Upper Deck
#778 Dave Righetti

1990 Fleer
#629 Jose Canseco (POD)

1990 Upper Deck
#626 Frank Viola

1990 Pro Set - Theme Art (football)
#10 Super Bowl X Pittsburgh Steelers / Dallas Cowboys 

1989 Score
#495 Larry Parrish
1987 Donruss
1987 Topps
#313 Roberto Clemente (TBTC) 
1986 Topps Major League Leaders Minis
1981 Donruss 
#374 John Candelaria
#409 Carney Lansford
#420 Tommy Lasorta (MGR)
#421 Charlie Leibrandt (RC)
#531 Jerry Koosman
#565 Ken Landreaux

1981 Fleer
#27 Tim McCarver
#268 Rod Carew

1981 Topps
#151 Claudell Wahington
#182 Bob Grich 
#350 J.R. Richard
#363 Geoff Zahn
#414 John Pacella
1978-79 Topps (basketball)
#37 Mike Gale
#66 Lonnie Shelton
#76 Brian Winters

1978 Topps
#148 Andre Thorton
#458T Jim Ray
#496T Tom Murphy

1973-74 O-Pee-Chee (hockey)
#53 Richard Lemieux

1973 Topps
#23 Dave Kingman

1969 Topps
#66 Orioles Rookies
#139 The Cards Celebrate! (WS) - PENDING!
#178 Dalton Jones
#307 Barry Latman
#352 Alex Johnson (RC)

1965 Philadelphia (football)
#193 John Paluck

1964 Philadelphia (football)
#172 Ken Gray (RC)

1964 Topps
#18 Billy O'Dell

1963 Topps
#155 Bill Stafford

1961 Fleer Baseball Greats

1959 Topps (football)
#80 Joe Perry
1958 Topps

1958 Topps Zorro (non-sport)
#83 Rude Awakening

1957 Topps
#138 Minnie Minoso
#284 Ike Delock

1956 Topps Flags of the World (non-sport)
#70 Jordan

1955 Topps
#45 Hank Sauer

1954 Bowman
#16 Jim Wilson - PENDING!
#73 Don Mueller

1954 Bowman Power For Peace (non-sport)
#91 USS Coral Sea (CVB43)
1953 Topps
#35 Irv Noren - PENDING!

1952 Bowman
#57 Clyde Vollmer

1938 Church & Dwight Useful Birds Of America Tenth Series (J9-6) (non-sport)
#2 Black-throated Green Warbler

1922 Church & Dwight Useful Birds Of America Third Series (J7) (non-sport) 
#7 Prothonotary Warbler

1915 Church & Dwight Useful Birds Of America First Series (J5)  (non-sport)
#1 Quail

The Time Travel Trading Project is simple in concept. I started out with a random pack of 2018 Topps Series 1 baseball cards. My aim was to trade every card in that pack for something older. Each card I receive in turn is then made available for trade, with the goal to get the oldest card I can get.

Number of trades completed: 78 (1 pending)
Unique trading partners: 41

Number of cards mailed out: 269
Year of oldest card mailed out: 1955

Number of cards received: 507
Year of oldest card received: 1915


  1. Dude, 49 updates on this one pack is awesome.

  2. Still waiting for your envelope to return to me. The other one I sent out without a stamp actually made it to it's destination. I'm hopeful yours comes back soon . . .

    1. No worries, Bo! I've got your cards put aside, just keep me posted!

  3. I admit I haven't been following this concept too closely. But I know I need 1970 cards #37, #200 and #385 and I probably have older cards to send in each case (if you don't have them already). Fill me in and I'll go from there.

  4. Replies
    1. No kidding! I have more cards from than 1971 Topps set now than I started out with the initial pack of 2018 Topps!

  5. Wow, what a long list! Hope the cards I contributed are claimed quickly :)

    1. Those are some cool cards, and modern enough to make it easy to trade - I think they'll go quickly too!

  6. Can I claim Sabathia, Goldschmidt, Musial and Robinson from this new batch? Thanks!