Monday, January 11, 2021

2020 Year In Review

For the past 3 years, I have taken a look at how the past year has impacted my collection, and I thought I should continue again this year and see what changed in 2020!

2020 Highlights

2019 Diamond Jesters Blog Stats

Number of posts: 174 (3 more than last year, and tied with 2018 for most in a year!)
Month with the most posts: 18 posts in January
Top 5 viewed posts: (Last year, my little blog had 44 posts with over 100 page views. I guess even the spam-bots had a down year, as I only reached that view mark 16 times this year.  )
  1. 2020 Obligatory Hall Of Fame Post (218 views)
  2. Repack Haiku #146 (Phil Niekro) (206 views)
  3. Time Travel Trading Update #38 (204 views)
  4. It Still Counts! (182 views)
  5. Time Travel Trading Update #39 (128 views)

For the second year in a row, my Hall of Fame post gets the most views. I'm guessing the title is generic enough to show up in search engines, as I tend to see this post get more views during the voting season.

Most commented posts: Repack Haiku #146 (Phil Niekro) - 24 comments (This was a runaway winner - my blog-wide prank had a tremendous response!)
Followers: 60 (Somehow I gained 11 followers this year! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my little blog!)

My Collection

(Stats courtesy of the Trading Card Database)


Total number of cards: 44,088 (When I initially looked this up, it showed only a gain of 50 cards from last year. I knew that wasn't right, and then realized I didn't include over 800 cards in my trade collection - that made up the difference!)
Cards from 2020 sets: 356 (This is down from 1,268 last year - stupid Covid/stupid flippers!)
Red Sox cards: 4,250 (No other team has more than 1,900)
Autographed cards: 24 (7 new this year: Kelly Gruber, Kyle Hendricks, Deven Marrero, Francellis Montas, Jim Rice, Gabe Speier, Teddy Stankiewicz)

Graded cards: 1 (No new cards this year)
Relic cards: 18 (3 new this year: Josh Beckett, Derek Lowe, Kevin Youkilis)

Thanks again, Dennis!

At least from a collecting standpoint, 2020 was a decent year. I'm looking forward to what 2021 might bring!


  1. happy new year! That's a nice Jim Rice!

  2. Great post. This is one of those things where organization and good bookkeeping prevails. It'd be fun to look back and compare the year to year growth on the blog as well as your collection.

    This is something I'd attempt... but I know myself too well. I'd track everything for a month... maybe two... but then I'd stop. Maybe one day when I retire... if I'm still blogging.

  3. I forgot about the prank. That was fun.

  4. Great year! I've really enjoyed your blog. Love the Jim Rice. I really like those Topps Five Star autographs.

  5. I've read more than a few of these recaps now, and have noticed one common thread throughout all of them, that being that all bloggers seem to have had great years collecting-wise.