Monday, January 27, 2020

Blog Bat-A-Round: Favorite Set Of The Decade

Last month, Billy from Cardboard History created a Bat-A-Round asking bloggers to name their favorite set of the decade. In my case, it's more of a half-decade. I didn't get back into baseball cards until 2015, so I don't have nearly as tough a decision as some of my fellow bloggers.

Actually, I didn't have a tough decision at all. I initially thought of giving the honor to the 2015 Topps base set, widely regarded as the best card design Topps produced in awhile. Stadium Club is always a safe bet, but to be fair the differences between the years are fairly trivial.

In the end, I'm choosing 2016 Topps Archives. After being away for so long, this is the set that grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go.

I walked away from card collecting in 1993, when I graduated from high school. The industry changed immensely in those twenty plus years, and one of the innovations I missed out on was the joy of pulling an autographed card from a random purchase.

The 2016 Topps Archives set remedied that. Early on in it's release, I pulled this card:

2016 Topps Archives - Bull Durham Autographs
#BDA-J William O'Leary

OK, I admit not the most glamorous card. The insert set itself was panned for the lack of Bull Durham's two biggest stars, Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon. William O'Leary didn't exactly have a huge role in the movie either. Outside of this movie, he's best known for playing the brother of Tim Allen's character in the TV series "Home Improvement".

Still, you always remember your first hit, right? Plus it's whimsical enough that I can appreciate it.

That Archives set wasn't done with me yet though. Later on during the summer, after other releases had taken the shine from it, I bought another box and ended up with yet another hit:

2016 Topps Archives - Fan Favorite Autographs
#FFA-EP Eduardo Perez

The odds of me going to my local Wally World and pulling an auto are low as it is, but to pull 2 from the same product? Unthinkable! I won the retail store lottery with this set! Plus, this is just a nice looking signature from a true fan favorite on the iconic 1990 Topps design. Too sweet!

To this day I continue to enjoy the Archives brand. I've always liked seeing players from today and before my time on designs I grew up with. 2016's set will always have a special place with me because of these two hits.


Since this is a Blog Bat-A-Round post, I felt I should also take a moment and provide an update on the one I proposed awhile back. I challenged others to create a 9-pocket yearbook page, and here are the wonderful bloggers who took the time to give it a go:

If I missed anyone, I apologize. Let me know and I'll update the list promptly!


Oh wow, would you look at that - this is officially my 500th post! I'm pretty sure at least 1/3 of them are haiku...


  1. Congrats om 500 posts! I missed these blog bat arounds, but I might have to jump in belatedly if I get a chance.

  2. Congratulations on the 500-post mark. I'll keep this blog bat around in my mind, though it's going to take me a while just to choose a favorite set form the past decade.

  3. Congratulations on your 500th post!

  4. Congrats on 500!! Keep em coming