Thursday, January 23, 2020

Blog Trade Recap: Cards From The Bucs Stop Here

Nate from The Bucs Stop Here offered up some Red Sox cards in exchange for the glittery snowflake parallel of a Bryan Reynolds card I picked up. I wasn't expecting much in return, a few cards at most. Nate went above and beyond, though, and even though these cards have been in my possession for a few week now, I'm still in awe.

This alone would have been more than enough:

With these cards, the return was beyond generous:

However, including these cards was just straight up mind blowing:

A Chrome rookie of JBJ? A Beni Future Star? A diamond parallel of Big Papi? A friggin Mookie Betts rookie card?!?!?!? 

Nate, you've pretty much guaranteed that I'm going to bookmark your want list page! This trade was amazing, and I thank you for your kindness!


  1. Looks like Nate was pleased to get the metallic parallel.

  2. Wow, that is a very generous return! The Mookie RC and Ortiz diamond parallel are fantastic in particular.

  3. Awesome stuff! Gotta love the hobby community! Congrats to you.

  4. So glad you liked the cards! That Ortiz diamond parallel is so sweet, but it’s better off with you than me. Thanks again for the Reynolds!