Thursday, January 9, 2020

Trade Recap: Cards From Baseball Cards Come To Life

I try to keep a somewhat accurate log of the trades I've made. I like knowing how often I've traded with someone. Bo from Baseball Cards Come To Life! has been my biggest trade partner. All 7 of our trades have been attached to my Time Travel Trading project. We've never just had a normal trade of cards, at least until this past November. Bo had a bunch of 1989 Fleer off my needs list, and I had a stack of newer base cards he needed!

Between this and my Secret Santa haul, I have only 18 more cards left to complete the set. No too shabby! Bo never sends the minimum however. He also included 2 other needs:

I'm now a Dwight Gooden away from completing the 1987 Glossy All-Stars set. Whoo-Hoo! Speaking of extras, as I was going through my photos folder, I realized I had a couple of other extras from Bo that never got their proper thank you:

As always, thanks for the trade Bo! Here's to a few more in 2020!


  1. Great trading with you as always!

  2. Bo is always easy to trade with. I like that Trot Nixon and the Briere McD's card!