Friday, January 24, 2020

Payday Pack - Riding The Bench

For obvious reasons, during Christmastime I don't spend as much on myself as normal. This includes baseball cards. In fact, outside of the Topps Holiday boxes, I really haven't bought anything. Fortunately, I have a few payday packs kept in reserve. I bought this pack of Stadium Club back in August, but it's still fun to go back and look at these cards again!

3rd Place

2019 Stadium Club  #156 George Springer

Is it just me, or does George always seem to get great looking cards? This isn't the first time he's made the Payday Pack Top 3, and he's made some good First Impressions as well! Unfortunately, the impression that Springer and his teammates give now isn't as glowing...

2nd Place

2019 Stadium Club - Red 
#86 Johnny Bench

Such an awesome photo! No border needed here when you have the catching gear surrounding Bench's face. The red foil on the parallel just adds to the card's aesthetic charm.

1st Place

2019 Stadium Club  #90 Eddie Matthews

Bench can't beat out this photo though! There's just something about all those neatly aligned helmets and bats. Eddie is ready!

Other Contestants Not Appearing On Stage:
#159 Noah Syndergaard
#37 Carlos Carrasco
#93 Matt Harvey
#197 Hideki Matsui
#42 Luis Castillo
#180 Jonathan Schoop
#WS-7 Trevor Story (Warp Speed insert)
#123 Miguel Andujar
#278 Al Kaline


  1. I don't recall having seen (or saw, and forgot) that Mathews, great card!

  2. Three of my favorite cards this year. The Mathews is truly hard to top.

  3. That's a great pack! The red parallel of a Reds legend is tough to top, but I agree that Eddie is awesome. The Kaline would beat 'em both IMO.