Friday, December 11, 2020

The Golden Sox Project (Kyle Martin)

Last Friday, I showed off a TCDB trade I made with Rodrick from Ontario. I held back one card to show today - the latest addition to my Golden Sox Project!
Kyle Martin is a shining example of Topps' obsession with rookies. He was never one of Boston's top prospects, and pitched in only 2 games for them in 2017. He didn't pitch for the Red Sox at all in 2018. In fact, he was released in July of that year and was pitching in Japan by the time the Red Sox started their glorious postseason run. Despite being a complete non-factor in their latest World Series Championship, he's still a 2018 Golden Red Sox card, and a welcome addition to my project!

Kyle Martin is the 8th card acquired for this project, leaving me with 23 left to track down!


  1. At least Mr. Martin can tell his grandchildren he has a cool looking rookie card :D

  2. It's still a nice looking card either way.

  3. I don't remember Martin at all, other than seeing one or two of his cards. But it's always nice to get one card closer to completing a project!