Friday, December 21, 2018

Secret Santa 2018 Revealed!

Last year, I participated in my first blogger-community Secret Santa, which was held by Matt at Bob Walk The Plank. This year, Matt turned the reigns over to Jon at Penny Sleeves For Your Thoughts, and once again I signed up!

I received a package two weeks ago. The name and address looked familiar, and I was fairly certain it was with someone I had traded with before. Inside were some sweet cards, which I'll reveal momentarily, but otherwise the package contained no hint as to why it was in my hands. Did my Secret Santa refuse to reveal himself? Was this a random package of Christmas cheer from a former trade partner? An email to Jon confirmed that, yes, this was indeed my Secret Santa!

My Secret Santa is not a blogger, but a member of the Trading Card Database named Daniel, who goes by the handle vrooomed. Daniel is one of the more active members on the TCDB, and even runs the TCDB's fantasy baseball league. I have been on the receiving end of his generosity before. (He helped me complete a couple of sets!)

I must have been a good blogger this year, because my Secret Santa sent me some good stuff:

Starting out with some great Red Sox cards, mostly Bowman. The bottom row contains two refractors and a sweet Hanley Ramirez relic!

Daniel also provided a box of Topps Update! He picked a good one, as I needed all but 10 of the cards inside. Did I get any good hits?

Well, I was happy to get the International Affair insert for Raffy Devers, and the Julio Urias was a gold parallel serial numbered to 50. Also it wouldn't be Christmas without a rainbow foil of Jesus!

Thank you so very much Daniel!


  1. Nice stuff! Daniel's definitely awesome because he's been very responsive when I've submitted inaccuracies and stuff on TCDB. I'm glad to know he's a great trader as well.

  2. Very nice...maybe I'll get Santa to bring me Topps Update.

  3. Not a surprise that Dan picked some good stuff. I don't think there's anybody he HASN'T helped. Gotta love Refractors!

  4. Nice Haul. The Santas this year have been pretty cool.

  5. Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas. You've been a good boy this year! :) I'm really glad you liked your box of goodies. It was fun pulling it all together, knowing who it was for. It made it a lot easier (for me anyway) knowing that we had dealt with each other before. I knew what you liked! Have a great holiday and I'm very happy to help on the database. The hobby has been very good to me. I'm just trying to spread the good that was showered on me.

  6. A rainbow foil of Jesus? You can't get too much more Christmasy than that!