Friday, June 21, 2024

Trapped In Time: Remnants Of The 88th And 89th Trades

I touched on this a little on Monday, but there have been a few times when I do these posts that I show off cards that don't fit my collection. Case in point, the John Shumate card I put on the chopping block in April. I don't watch basketball, let alone collect cards of the sport. So if no one shows interest via the blog post of trading for it, I try to find someone on the TCDB to unload it upon. 

TCDB is great for finding trade partners, but if you are trying to trade away a particular card, it's a bit of a pain. I look up the card on the database, and on it's page there is a section called mentions, where you see how many people have that particular card in their collection, how many have it in their For Sale/Trade list, and how many members have it in their want list. For the Shumate card, there were 21 potential trade partners looking for this card. Going through each one, I first had to see who was still an active member. If they hadn't logged into the TCDB in the past week, there's no point in trying. Then I culled the list further by eliminating anyone that had never made a trade. Out of the 15 that remained, I had to see if any of them had cards older than 1978 on their for trade list. That knocked off 5 more potential traders. From the remaining 10, I picked one, put together a trade proposal, and sent it. Despite logging in numerous times, the member never responded to my proposal, and I withdrew it after a generous two weeks. So I picked a second potential trade partner and did the same. That one was the one that got completed. 

So why am I explaining all this?
Traded 03/10/21: 1981 Topps #226 Manny Sanguillen, 1981 Topps #450 Dave Kingman (AS), 1981 Topps #530 Steve Garvey, 1981 Topps #560 Joe Morgan, 1982 Topps #3 Tim Raines (HL), 1982 Topps #401 Johnny Bench (IA), 1982 Topps #651 Carl Yastrzemski (IA), 1986 Topps #510 Wade Boggs, 1987 Donruss #34 Terry Steinbach, 2018 Topps #502 Xander Bogaerts

Received 03/04/21:
  • 1978-79 Topps (basketball) #21 Steve Hawes
  • 1978-79 Topps (basketball) #53 John Mengelt (See Trade #158)
  • 1978-79 Topps (basketball) #64 Leon Douglas (RC)
  • 1978-79 Topps (basketball) #118 Kevin Porter
  • 1981 Donruss #386 Doc Medich
  • 1981 Topps #65 Scott McGregor (See Trade #129)
  • 1981 Topps #354 Mario Soto
  • 1982 Topps (football) #82 Craig Morton (IA)
  • 1983 Topps (football) #109 George Rogers (TL) (See Trade #209)
  • 1983 Topps (football) #186 John Riggins (TL) (See Trade #150)
  • 1983 Topps (football) #337 Mark Van Eeghen (See Trade #209)
  • 1983 Topps - Sticker Inserts (football) #3 Ottis Anderson (See Trade #94)
  • 1983 Topps - Sticker Inserts (football) #7 Dwight Clark (See Trade #94)
  • 1985 Topps (football) #34 Mike Singletary (See Trade #94)
  • 1985 Topps (football) #283 Lyle Alzado (See Trade #91)
  • 1986 Topps - Glossy All-Stars #9 Carlton Fisk (See Trade #148)
  • 1986 Topps - Glossy All-Stars #13 Steve Garvey (See Trade #160)
  • 1986 Topps - Glossy All-Stars #21 LaMarr Hoyt (See Trade #140)
Trading one basketball card was hard enough. Now I got 3 more to deal with! (Just my luck too, if the first guy had responded and accepted, two of these three basketball cards would have been part of the trade!) Someone make my life easy and take these off my hands please!
Traded 03/18/21: 2021 Topps - 1952 Topps Redux #T52-43 Shohei Ohtani, 2021 Topps - 70 Years Of Topps Baseball #70YT-51 Bob Gibson, 1971 Topps #208 Billy Martin (MGR), 1968 Topps #260 Jim Wynn, 1964 Philadelphia (football) #172 Ken Gray (RC), 1963 Topps #155 Bill Stafford, 1961 Topps #32 Ray Sadecki, 1961 Topps #114 Hobie Landrith, 1961 Topps #267 Norm Siebern, 1960 Topps #289 Willie Jones 

Received 03/19/21:
  • 2020 Topps Heritage #36 Kenley Jansen (See Trade #96)
  • 2020 Topps Heritage #176 Dinelson Lamet (See Trade #96)
  • 1970 Topps #39 Mike Nagy (ASR, RC)
  • 1967 Topps #192 Fred Gladding
  • 1962 Topps #19 Ray Washburn (RC, RS)
  • 1962 Topps #79 Ed Hobaugh
  • 1958 Topps #73 Pete Daley
  • 1958 Topps #147 Don McMahon (RC) (See Trade #287)
  • 1958 Topps #290 Dick Donovan (See Trade #216)
  • 1957 Topps #68 Ray Crone (See Trade #216)

Do you know I have 3 of those Mike Nagy cards in the trade stack? 3 of them! It's weird how some cards keep showing up in the Time Travel Trading stack. 

These cards have been languishing in the trade tack for over 3 years! It's time to trade them or add them to my personal collection. Last call!


  1. That is one of the reasons why I haven't been bothering sending out trade offers on TCDB.

  2. Making TCDB trade proposal seems like too much work to me. I'm glad some folks still do it though or else I wouldn't have made any trades there at all.

    I don't collect basketball either, but have a soft spot for that set. No enough to claim though!

  3. Putting together trades on TCDB can be a little time consuming and to not even get a response is frustrating to say the least. In the end, I still get to move cards that I don't need and get some that I do, so I guess it's worth it.