Monday, August 7, 2017

SEC - Bracket Match Up #12

Read all about it! Johnson defeats Parker!

Only one voter this past week - makes tallying easy! This week's competitors have a 32 year gap between them. By my count, that's the 3rd pairing of at least 30 years. Sometimes random pairing doesn't seem so random. Still a far cry off from the 47 year gap between the 1968 Luis Tiant and the 2015 Mo Rivera .

2004 Topps World Champions Boston Red Sox #54 Team Celebration WS
1972 Topps #33 Billy Martin (MGR)

The Case For The Boston Red Sox: The Billy Martin may be old, but it has nothing on the 86 year drought the 2004 team broke. Is there anything better than a celebration photo?

The Case For Billy Martin: This is one of the iconic cards from this set. There is no design that captures a decade quite like this. Billy Martin doesn't care if you vote for him or not, he'll flip you off just because he can.

As always, you can vote just by leaving a comment with your pick! 


  1. Gotta vote for the Red Sox here. Just can't vote against a team card.

  2. Billy Martin. I love his flipping the bird...and I can't stand anything Bah-stun.