Thursday, August 3, 2017

Payday Pack: Welcome To The Club

This is probably the only pack of Stadium Club I'll buy this year, unless I find some on clearance later on. I love the photography, but the cost is a bit much. Still, I wanted to get my hands on some of this year's product, and it didn't disappoint.

3rd Place

2017 Stadium Club #45 Kyle Seager

I love celebration photos. All I can think of here is "White Man Can't Jump!"

2nd Place

2017 Stadium Club #39 Bryce Harper

Not the best picture of Bryce, but you have to love this moment when he was asked to hold all of  Olympic Champion Katie Ledecky's medals!

1st Place

2017 Stadium Club #213 Jonathan Lucroy

Wow, what a gorgeous sky! It makes you genuinely pity the ballplayers that have to play in domed stadiums.

The Others:
#175 Mark McGwire
#177 Robinson Cano
#227 Jose Canseco
#SS-MF Michael Fulmer Scoreless Streak
#240 Andrelton Simmons (Gold Parallel)
#100 Brian Dozier (Black Parallel)
#210 Garrett Richards
#250 Dee Gordon
#92 Alex Gordon

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  1. I'm working on building this set. Would you be up to trading? Flywheels at