Monday, December 18, 2017

Single Elimination Challenge - The Finals!

Extra! Final Match Up Set!

This is it - the last match-up of my Single Elimination Challenge! After over 6 months of voting, you good readers have determined the final two cards. There were many great cards contending, but in the end we have a pair of 1960's vintage! Because this is the finals, and because it just happens to fall at this particular point on the calendar (Sorry, I won't be posting on Christmas!), voting for this match-up will last 2 weeks.  I'll announce the winner in the beginning of the new year.

1962 Auravision Records Ernie Banks
1968 Topps #532 Luis Tiant

Ernie Banks
Bracket Round: defeated Tim Wallach (4-1)
Sweet 16 Round: defeated Ozzie Guillen (3-0)
Quarterfinals: defeated "Cool Papa" Bell (5-1)
Semifinals: defeated Al Schacht (4-3)
Quotable Ernie Banks:

Luis Tiant
Bracket Round: defeated Mariano Rivera (1-0)
Sweet 16 Round: defeated Randy Johnson (2-2 tiebreaker)
Quarterfinal Round: defeated Amos Otis (6-1)
Semifinals: defeated Rickey Henderson (4-3)
Quotable Luis Tiant:

The final vote is now in your hands. Comment below and let me know who should win. I'll also accept votes from the TCDB thread for this match-up. Only one can claim the title! Who will it be?


  1. Interesting quotes from both. I have to vote for the card I remember. Luis Tiant.

  2. Tiant beat more formidable opponents to get here so I have to go with him. Besides, who doesn't like sleeveless uniforms and Fu Manchus?

  3. I have to go with Ernie Banks. But if Luis Tiant had that mustache on his card, he would have won hands down!

  4. Love both players, and either would be a worthy winner, but the Banks is nicer looking, and it's a RECORD. So Mr. Cub it is. I suggest finding another record, and "let's play two." B^)

  5. Tiant, even though that card doesn't portray his epic 'stache...

  6. Ditto on what Billy Kingsley said. The mustache would have been the x-factor. AnalogKid @ TTCD

  7. Tiant only because I have the card and not the Banks record.