Friday, December 1, 2017

The Best Free Stuff Is The Stuff You Stole

I'll admit it. I'm a thief. At least I have a thief's mentality when I play certain games, like the one Matt Prigge from Summer of '74 recently had. Matt gave away some cool stuff from his basement, and gave players an opportunity to pick a random prize, or steal an already revealed prize from another contestant. My wife's family plays this same game during Christmas, and it's always a lot of fun. My plan is always the same - hope I get a number in the later half of the game, so there's enough revealed prizes to potentially steal something good.

When my turn came up, I stole a very nice autographed photo of James Lofton. I'm not a football collector, but Lofton was a Buffalo Bill during their glory years, and you can never go wrong with a Hall of Fame player's autograph.

However, when the dust settled and everyone had picked, there was one unclaimed prize. Matt offered it up to anyone who wanted to swap out, and to be honest, it would have been my top choice to steal if it had been revealed at an earlier time. I took Matt up on his offer and gave up my autographed photo.

In addition to my Griffey plaque (which will eventually house one of his rookie cards), Matt was generous to send along a bunch of Red Sox cards as well.

I didn't have a huge desire to collect this year's update set, so it's great that Matt sent me a good number of Red Sox inserts from that set. The Heroes of Autumn set is particularly nice.

I'm now missing just one card from that 1992 Upper Deck Ted Williams set (not including the autograph of course!)

Thanks for having such a fun game Matt, and thanks again for the prize package!

Are you reading Matt's Summer of '74 blog? You should!

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