Friday, April 20, 2018

Payday Pack - Make Your Daddy Proud

Last year, I bought a box of repacked packs, with the intent of having some Payday Pack posts in reserve in case I need something quick and easy to throw online or just to break up the monotony of what's currently out there. This is one of those days. I have a bunch of posts lined up for the next few weeks, and needed something simple. Today, I present you with a healthy dose of  2016 Topps Update!

3rd Place

2016 Topps #US199 Brandon Moss

Brandon Moss did something to make the man on the Jumbo Screen happy. Why would they show this man? Perhaps Brandon's dad was at the game? This mystery man gets more card space than Brandon, and inquiring minds want to know!

2nd Place

2016 Topps #US111 Josh Reddick

What's the 912 tattoo for? Is it an area code? Bible verse? The combination to his high school gym locker? This is a bigger mystery than the man on the Jumbo Screen!

1st Place

2016 Topps #US131 Tyler Flowers

Tyler Flowers did a thing, and now he's being swallowed up in an endless array of hands. This reminds me of that creepy scene from the movie Labyrinth where the "Helping Hands" keep groping the young heroine:

Others Not Appearing On Stage:
#US67 Blake Snell (RC)
#US20 Junichi Tazawa
#US189 Jonathan Lucroy
#US140 Eduardo Nunez
#US195 Carlos Beltran
#US264 Cody Anderson (Rainbow Foil)
#MLB-9 Robinson Cano (ASG)


  1. Reddick's birthday is Feb 19. Should it be read 219??? Or maybe it goes with something on the other arm.

  2. I looked it up. 912 is the Area Code in Savannah, Georgia.