Monday, April 16, 2018

Bring Back The Deans!

Last week's haiku featured a 1987 Topps card of the Seattle Mariners. It reminded me of the Team Leaders cards in general, and how Topps in 1986 "honored" each team's dean - the longest tenured member of the club. I always thought it was a cool concept, and I wouldn't mind if Topps brought that back.

1986 Topps #456 Braves Leaders (Dale Murphy)

I looked up and found which players would be honored if Topps did bring this idea back. Three teams traded their dean this past off-season: The Marlins (Stanton), Pirates (McCutchen), and Rays (Longoria). Who replaces them as the team's official dean?

Longest Tenured Players


2018 Topps #231 Joe Mauer

Twins: Joe Mauer (4/5/2004)

Cardinals: Yadier Molina (6/3/2004)

Mets: David Wright (7/21/2004)

Mariners: Felix Hernandez (8/4/2005)

2018 Topps #58 Ryan Zimmerman

Nationals: Ryan Zimmerman (9/1/2005)

Red Sox: Dustin Pedroia (8/22/2006)

Royals: Alex Gordon (4/2/2007)

Brewers: Ryan Braun (5/25/2007)

Reds: Homer Bailey (6/8/2007)

Orioles: Adam Jones (3/31/2008)
Tigers: Miguel Cabrera (3/31/2008)

2018 Topps #350 Clayton Kershaw

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw (5/25/2008)

Yankees: Bret Gardiner (6/30/2008)

Rangers: Elvis Andrus (4/6/2009)

Indians: Michael Brantley & Carlos Carrasco (9/1/2009)

Giants: Madison Bumgarner (9/8/2009)

Braves: Freddie Freeman (9/1/2010)

Pirates: Josh Harrison (5/31/2011)

Rockies: Charlie Blackmon (6/7/2011)

Angels: Mike Trout (7/8/2011)

Astros: Jose Altuve (7/20/2011)

Diamondbacks: Paul Goldschmidt (8/1/2011)

2018 Topps #232 Nate Jones

White Sox: Nate Jones (4/8/2012)

Blue Jays: Aaron Loop (6/14/2012)

Rays: Chris Archer (6/20/2012)

Cubs: Anthony Rizzo (6/26/2012)

Padres: Robbie Erlin (4/30/2013)

Marlins: Derrick Dietrich (5/8/2013)

Phillies: Cesar Hernandez (5/29/2013)

Athletics: Marcus Semien (4/6/2015)

It's an interesting list. A few notable star players, but a healthy dose of unexpected guys. What do you think? Should Topps bring back the deans?


  1. I know I'd like that. Actually, I'm a fan of having subsets as part of the base set.

  2. Crazy that the A's have had a complete roster overhaul in 3 years.

  3. Cool concept for a post.... though it seems surreal to see Anthony Rizzo as the longest tenured Cub. In my mind, he's still relatively new to the scene!

  4. Nice post! I'm also amazed that players like Rizzo, Trout and Archer are now the deans of their teams. And what's up with the A's?

  5. I would love to see Topps bring these back.

  6. Good research here! I do miss the "deans" and I'm surprised there are so many with a decade plus of time with one team. Oakland is just a revolving door; college basketball players stay in one place longer than A's players. It's a shame.

  7. fantastic post! It's interesting to see how young a few of these teams really are. Mauer, Yadi and Wright should retire with their teams. It will likely not happen but I'd sure love to see it.