Monday, August 13, 2018

Some Goodwill Between Bloggers

Back in June, I showed off a bag of cards I had found at the local Goodwill. I found some good stuff, but the best thing I got out of it was a trade! Marc, a trading extraordinaire who runs the blog Remember The Astrodome, was eyeing any Astros I had in a stack of 1988 Score Glossy. I happily pulled the four cards I had and sent them, along was a few extras, to him. In exchange, he sent me:

In that same Goodwill post I also found some 1991 Donruss I didn't have. I mentioned how fairly close I was to completing the set, and Marc reached out to find out what else I needed. He ended up sending me most of what was missing. I'm now in the single digits towards completion!

Marc also graciously added a few cards from my "So Close!" page:

Those 2 Diamond Kings were the last two I needed for the 1990 Donruss set, and the Willie McGee completes the Bonus Cards insert set as well!

Thanks again for the trade, Marc!


  1. One day, I'd love to collect all of the 1982-1992 Donruss Diamond Kings and throw them into a binder for easy display. They're truly beautiful cards!

  2. I agree! They were one of the best things about collecting Donruss! The artwork was fantastic!