Friday, August 2, 2019

Persistant Guessing Led To A Win(field)!

There was a contest over at Johnny's Trading Spot - He recently picked up a 1969 Milton Bradley baseball game. 4 players were missing, and the first person to guess all 4 would win a 1974 Topps Dave Winfield rookie card. The game itself seemed simple enough - the checklist showed the game included 296 players, pick the 4 that are missing.

Out of curiosity I found that picking 4 out of 296 cards led to 313,413,310 possible combinations (according to this Combination Calculator) - this could take awhile!

Fortunately, Johnny provided some hints along the way - 2 card were superstars, 1 a minor star, and 1 common player.

The two superstars got determined relatively quickly (Hank Aaron and Al Kaline). Another participant was able to determine the common player (Matty Alou). From there it was a race to find the last missing card. Johnny provided one final clue: the minor star was a Gold Glove winner and appeared in 3 All-Star games. A quick search on found two possible candidates - Joe Pepitone and Felix Milan. I chose Pepitone, while the other active participant quickly chose Milan.


I made 17 guesses, involving 52 different players, over the span of 2 weeks.  It was a lot of fun!

In addition to the main prize, Johnny was kind enough to knock two more cards off my So Close! page:

I now need just 4 more cards to complete the 1987 Glossy All-Star set! 

Thanks again for the cards Johnny! Enjoy your vintage game!


  1. Awesome card. Congratulations on the win!

  2. Man, I came so close to that Winfield rookie card. Curse you, Matt! Just kidding, of course. It was really fun trying to make those guesses along with Johnny's hints. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks! I was close to changing my guess to Milan too, but ultimately stuck with Pepitone!

  3. I have many of your set wantlist cards. please contact me at obertoneone aoldotcom

  4. Congrats on winning the Winfield RC!