Friday, August 30, 2019

First Impressions - 2019 Bowman Platinum

I caved. I don't have any conveniently located local card shops to visit, so I rely on the retail stores for my card fix. When I heard that Wal-Mart and Target had their own specials for National Baseball Card Day, my fear of missing out justified my purchase of a pack of Bowman Platinum. I don't usually purchase Bowman products, but I wanted those Gallery sneak peaks!

#TOP-14 Victor Mesa Jr.

The honor of the first card goes to Mr. Mesa Jr. Right off the bat, I have to say I'm disappointed. This year's design is such a huge drop from last year's. It's proof that even shiny things can be blah.

#TOP-7 Jonathan India
#TOP-41 Alex Royalty

Here's a look at the back. Not much to get excited about here either. If this guy, doesn't play for Kansas City at some point in his career, I'll be disappointed.

#TOP-55 Owen Miller
#TOP-45 Luken Miller
#RR-20 Kevin Newman (RC) (Renowned Rookies insert)

The first insert I get to see is the Renowned Rookies card of Kevin Newman. Not really a fan of the text right in the middle of the card, but at least I can appreciate a guy who's helped out a few of my fantasy league teams!

#22 Christian Yelich

Here we have the Major Leaguer section of the pack. Although still uninspiring, I like this basic background much better than the angled cuts on the prospect cards.

#16 Rowdy Tellez (RC)
#6 Kyle Tucker (RC)
#35 Walker Buehler
#63 Rhys Hoskins
#74 Mookie Betts

Mookie! This is the 8th set I've done a First Impressions post on this year, and in half of them I have pulled a card of last year's MVP. I've got the Mookie Mojo!

#TOP-66 Christian Javier
#TOP-72 Jo Adell

This would be the only prospect I've heard of.He's currently the #4 ranked prospect in baseball and could be a special player.

#TOP-81 Royce Lewis
#TOP-89 Andres Munoz
#20 Pete Alonso (RC)

A rookie card of the eventual N.L. Rookie of The Year, and it's a short print too! Can I retire now?

#79 David Price
#PPP-7 Brady Singer (Prismatic Prodigies insert)
#TOP-62 Tirso Ornelas (Purple parallel SN250)

OK, cool, I got a SN250 parallel of someone I never heard of. I hope he has a very long and successful major league career!

#85 Charlie Blackmon
#11 Khris Davis
#17 Ryan Borucki (RC)
#62 Eric Hosmer

National Baseball Card Day Gallery Preview Pack

Yeah, that's why I bought this. Don't judge me.

#GP-AJ Aaron Judge
#GP-SO Shohei Ohtani
#GP-MT Mike Trout

Not too shabby. Artwork looks improved, and I like the script they use for the name.

#GP-JA Jose Altuve
Topps Gallery coupon

OK, so a mediocre product at best. You won't see me buying any more packs. Now if my Wally World would just start stocking Archives....


  1. What was the special for National Baseball Card Day?

    1. The box of Bowman contained a pack of the Gallery preview cards, which are of course, stamped as being part of NBCD. If they do that again next year, I'll probably pass.

    2. yeah that's not much. thanks

  2. The Trout promo card has me excited for 2019 Topps Gallery. You are right, by the way, that font is terrific.