Monday, November 25, 2019

All-Time Red Sox/Expos Lineup

A few weeks ago I created my all-time team of players who have played for both the Red Sox and World Champion Nationals. Because I see the Washington team as a separate entity than their Montreal predecessors, I limited myself to only those players to done the curly W. Fifteen years of existence did not give me much to work with. Many viewers commented on how much different the team could have been had I included Expos players too. I knew of 4 Hall of Famers off the top of my head, so I decided to go ahead and give the Expos their proper due. Here's my team:

Catcher: Tim Blackwell

1976 SSPC #415 Tim Blackwell
1983 Topps #57 Tim Blackwell

Granted, if I was truly trying to make the best lineup possible, I could have should have gone with Tim McCarver. In my defense, how could I not add the awesome mustache of Mr. Blackwell?

1st Baseman: Tony Perez

1981 Topps #575 Tony Perez
1978 Topps #15 Tony Perez

The first Hall of Famer in the lineup, Perez went from the Big Red Machine to spending 3 seasons with each of these teams.

2nd Baseman:Mike Lansing

2001 Pacific #66 Mike Lansing
1993 Leaf #464 Mike Lansing

Mike Lansing was a solid regular for 9 years, debuting with Montreal in 1993.

Shortstop: Orlando Cabrera

2005 Donruss #126 Orlando Cabrera
2002 Topps #710 Orlando Cabrera (GG)

Cabrera is possibly the most famous Red Sox player to only spend a half-season with the team. His Gold Glove defense softened the blow of trading away Nomar Garciaparra as the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004.

3rd Baseman: Larry Parrish

1989 Topps #354 Larry Parrish
1976 Topps #141 Larry Parrish (ASR, RC)

This two time All-Star finished his career as a mid-season acquisition by Boston in 1988. Pretty cool when I can show off a player's rookie card and sunset card here!

Left Fielder:Cliff Floyd

2003 Topps Heritage #82 Cliff Floyd
1992 Score #801 Cliff Floyd (RC)

Floyd was another half-season rental for Boston, who acquired the former All-Star at the trade deadline in 2002.

Center Fielder:Andre Dawson

1994 Collector's Choice #412 Andre Dawson
1984 Topps - Glossy All-Stars
#18 Andre Dawson

The only time this Hall of Famer spent in the American League was the two years he spent with Boston as their designated hitter.

Right Fielder:Carl Everett

2000 Topps #267 Carl Everett
2004 Topps #566 Carl Everett

Fun fact: Between 1993 and 2003, "Jurassic Carl" switched teams 5 times. He was traded every single time. He was a talented hitter but his personality made it hard for him to establish himself with any one team.

Starting Pitcher: Pedro Martinez

2000 Fleer Tradition
#437 Pedro Martinez (AW)
1997 Ultra #232 Pedro Martinez

Baseball Reference states that an 8 WAR season is an MVP level season. Pedro hit that mark 4 times, including an amazing 11.7 WAR in 2000. Many people felt he should have won the MVP award over Ivan Rodriguez in 1999, but that 5th place finish for 2000 MVP is equally egregious.

Closer: Jeff Reardon

1992 Donruss - Update
#U-9 Jeff Reardon (HL)
1986 Leaf #214 Jeff Reardon (CG)

Lee Smith may be a Hall of Famer, but his impact in Boston and Montreal was fairly minimal. I chose to honor a man both cities remember fondly!

Manager: Dick Williams

1968 Topps #87 Dick Williams (MGR)
1977 O-Pee-Chee #108 Dick Williams (MGR)

Since I omitted an obvious Hall of Famer at closer, I'll make up for it by showcasing a Hall of Fame Manager! Williams of course lead the "Impossible Dream" Red Sox in 1967!

This is a much more solid lineup, and it's no stretch to say that if I made by Nationals/Red Sox team include this franchise, it would have consisted of all Expos players and looked just like this.


  1. This is a pretty great lineup. I hadn't thought of Parrish, Floyd, or Everett. And Blackwell's mustache is fantastic!

  2. Four of these guys also played for my Mets, and the two pitchers especially are dear to us as well. Reardon wasn't a Met long but he did come up with us.

  3. This is cool. This also made me look to see if there actually is a card of Tim McCarver as an Expo. And there don't appear to be many.