Thursday, November 14, 2019

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Gilbert, AZ

I completed a nice little trade back in September from a TCDB named John.

My favorite card here is the Daniel Nava rookie card. Nava's big league journey is amazing:
  • Failed to make college team as a walk on, ended up becoming the equipment manager.
  • Transferred to a junior college, and played well enough to earn a full scholarship to go back to his original college
  • Went undrafted, signed with an independent league team (where he was cut from the team, but brought back)
  • The Red Sox bought the rights to him for essentially $1.
  • Made his Major League debut in 2010 and became the 4th player ever to hit a grand slam in his first at-bat (and only the 2nd to do so on the very first pitch)
  • 2013 World Series Champion
His perseverance is the stuff of Disney movies.

Thanks again for the trade, John!


  1. Great cards, but an even better story. I knew Nava was a longshot, but until you put it all together I didnt realize how unlikely his career truly was. 

  2. I was able to interview him for my blog. Has a rep as a good person.

    1. That's awesome Bo! I wonder if he ever got to meet his idol over the course of his career.