Monday, April 27, 2020

Choosing Pops Over Papi

Another month, another dose of Friday Night Fun courtesy of Johnny from Johnny's Trading Spot. In case you haven't been paying attention, Johnny has been holding weekly games and giving out cards  every Friday night for the past few months. 

I've participated for the past two months, and have gotten some cool cards every time. This go-around, I got the coveted #1 spot. If you've read my last two summaries, you're probably wondering: (1) Did I choose #5 again, and (2) Will there be a Short Circuit reference?

I'm sorry to disappoint you, faithful readers, but I choose Door #2 this time. My pick yielded another batch of All-Stars, including a great looking Zenith card of David Ortiz!

Since I was the first to pick, I had the option of stealing a prize once everyone else had claimed their cards. Truth be told, I would have been quite happy with the batch I started out with. However, the person who DID PICK #5 had a pretty nice selection of cards, and well what can I say but I stole them!

*Warning: Poor attempt to squeeze in one last Short Circuit reference ahead!*

Here's Johnny (Podres)!

OK, technically that's more of a Tonight Show/The Shining reference than a Short Circuit one, but if you know your song parodies, then you know Weird Al has my back here.

Anyway, along with Mr. Podres are some awesome Hall of Fame players! I've always enjoyed the Conlon and that Upper Deck Classic sets. Johnny also included this spiffy Kellogg's card:

Favorite Card: That Stargell in the winter beanie was the card that caught my eye and ultimately led to me giving up the David Ortiz!

Thanks again Johnny! As for everyone else, keep your eyes open for May's signup. You can participate once a month, and once you're signed up keep your designated Friday night open, because the game moves fast and Johnny does not suffer procrastinators!

***EDIT: Johnny's signup for May is available at his web site! Go get yourself some free cards!***


  1. That Stadium Club Stargell is pretty cool. I wonder if there are any collectors who have started a "beanie" PC.

  2. Mark done went and done it now. LOL. Thanks for the pimp, glad you liked your spoils.