Friday, April 10, 2020

Johnny #5, The Sequel!

When it comes to sequels, the general rule of thumb is that they are rarely as good as the originals. Take for instance, the forgettable sequel to Short Circuit:

Did you even know there was a sequel to this film?

Now, some sequels are every bit as good as the original. They give you something new to appreciate, yet at the same time there is that familiarity that you loved from the original.

Another month meant another 4 weekly rounds of Big Fun Games from Johnny's Trading Spot. I participated again (and if you haven't yet, you really should!), and yet again when my turn came up, I selected lucky #5. My haul this time was a 6-pack of All-Stars:

Favorite Card: It has to be that Studio card of Mr Winfield by the locker, right? Such a simple but amazingly executed card idea!

Thanks again, Johnny!


  1. As the games progress, you never know what is going to be hidden behind those doors.

  2. Just watched this movie with my kids. As a kid I liked the sequel. As an adult yeah it's not as good. I think the part when Johnny #5 gets caught up with the gang made me really laugh as a kid and was funnier to me at the time. I now believe one is definitely better.

  3. Did they play Who's Johnny in the sequel?