Monday, May 3, 2021

Theft Of A Masterpiece

Man, what a dream I had last night!

I was an international art thief, known only by my alias L'Orange Youppi. I was a master cat burgler, with legendary exploits of stolen art and stolen hearts. No law official could stop me.

My greatest heist was yet to come. My next target was the famous art house, La Chauve-souris Felee,  home to some of the world's most amazing artwork. It would be an easy heist, for I had an accomplice on the inside! It was none other than the proprietor of La Chauve-souris Felee herself, the always elegant Mademoiselle Julie. She would personally give me access to any art my heart desired. I scouted the inventory, and settled on five very special masterpieces...

OK, so it wasn't a dream, but I did acquire some free cards from Julie (A Cracked Bat) that were  available on her Pick Pockets page. I couldn't help myself to some Upper Deck Masterpieces:
Truly these are works of art, deserving of display in any art-lover's home! Or at least in my personal collection. I also snagged a few other desirable pieces of photography:
Favorite Card: It's probably the red jersey, but Jason Varitek's portrait keeps catching my eye.

Thanks for the cards, Julie!


  1. Dang man you fished me in on that dream.

  2. UD masterpieces were so cool. They look great signed, as well.

  3. I would have gone for that Clemens card, it's a great one. And is the Ortiz purposely made to look creased? Very cool!

  4. UD Masterpieces was one of the reasons I returned to the hobby. I was obsessed with that product... and even busted a case of the football back in the day. It's such a great looking product.