Monday, August 9, 2021

Another Small Insert Set Completed

Did you miss me? I could have posted this last week while I was on "vacation" but decided to hold off so I had something right off the bat when I came back.

I try to keep pretty accurate records of the cards I have in my Time Travel Trading Project, but it's not easy. Besides the monthly updates, I keep an unpublished page that keeps track of every Time Travel trade I've made. Then, over on the TCDB, I have the cards in a separate collection from my main one (I also maintain a list of every card that has shown up in the stack as well). Every now in then, the records don't match up.

Case in point: I recently received a trade offer through the TCDB. The gentleman requested a card from the Time Travel Trade stack and offered up an older card in return. The only problem was I knew I no longer had that card. I had traded it away months ago! Unfortunately, when I did, I forgot to update my TCDB collection and remove it from the For Trade list. Red-faced, I had to message the poor guy and explain what happened. I was still interested in the card he offered, so I was at least able to offer a counter-proposal and a different card from his want list. 

It's not often I'll actively trade for a Yankee card, but he was the last one I needed to complete the insert set.
With this card, I have completed not only the base set of 1989 Fleer but also both of the insert sets that were included in packs. No, I'm not including the stickers here. (Nothing against them, just never really focused on collecting them as a kid.) If I really wanted to be a completionist, I guess I could go after the stickers, the box bottom cards, and the World Series insert set that came in factory sets, but for now I'm happy with the two primary insert sets. 

Anybody complete an entire run of product from any one set? (Modern cards are impossible with all the parallels, so I'm guessing most cases we're looking at vintage.)


  1. Sure I have. It was easy with '70s sets. Complete the 1978 flagship set, the run is done.

  2. I've probably got most or all of the '89 Fleer stickers to trade if you want them.

  3. Yeah, with older vintage, collecting the set IS collecting everything, barring an occasional variation.

    One thing I'm proud of is that I have every nationally released Topps baseball card from 1980. That comprises the flagship set, the grey back and white back versions of the 5x7 Superstars, and the Burger King Pitch Hit & Run set. That's it. I don't have the Burger King Phillies which were only issued in Philly, and I have only a few of the OPCs for that year, but even getting those would be realistic. Even one year later it would have been much harder, and nowadays it would be absolutely impossible. Just having to buy the full run of Transcendent (as every box comes with lots of 1/1s) would be insanely expensive.

  4. You are right. Can't imagine completing any new set that contains tons of printing plates, parallels, autographs, and relics. My first attempt at building a master set was the 1992 Fleer Ultra baseball set. I managed to get 99% of the way there. Completed the base set and all of the insert sets with the exception of the Gwynn autographs. There's also two hard to find Gwynn promo cards I still need to acquire that weren't inserted into packs.