Monday, August 30, 2021

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Ault, CO

I haven't done much trading on the TCDB this summer. I took some free time to see if I could off load  some of my duplicate cards, and ended up trading with a collector named Tyler. I've made a small trade with him before, and found some stuff to my liking this time around as well.

The Stanley is one of many mid-80's Red Sox cards I still needed, while the Kmart card puts me even closer to completing the set (just three more to go!). I'm not actively trying to complete the 1986 Topps or 1993 Leaf sets, but I like them enough that somewhere down the line I'll probably try. If nothing else suits my fancy I'll willingly pick up a few of these set needs. Lastly, who could resist a young lady putting on shin guards? I didn't pick this up until the cards were in hand, but both Keith Hernandez cards are referencing his record for most game-winning RBI in a season. Is GW-RBI still a thing? I wonder if he still holds the record...

Favorite Card: Pepper Davis may not be a household name, but if you've seen a certain Tom Hanks/Geena Davis movie, you'll know why cards of players like her are awesome.

Thanks for the trade Tyler!


  1. Pepper Davis wins it.

    (Can you confirm people's Time Travel requests please?)

    1. All Time Travel cards were mailed out last Friday, yours included!