Monday, November 27, 2023

Down The Ebay Rabbit Hole #4 - We've Got A Groovy Kind Of Yaz

Next up in my continuing adventures spending a prepaid card before it expires...

I wasn't necessarily looking for this particular card, but it did pop up while I was in the mind to search for some vintage cards. It was hard to pass up a cheap card of a Hall Of Famer from his playing days!
It may not be the Simpson's-famous "Yastrzemski with the big sideburns" but those sideburns are tight nonetheless. It's also now the oldest Yaz card I own.


  1. Congratulations on landing this vintage Yaz. He looks so young there. Growing up in the 80's... his 83T card immediately comes to mind and he looks much older.

  2. That's a fun one. You can't ever go wrong with a '72 Topps.