Friday, December 15, 2023

Thankful For The Gifts I Have Received

Christmastime may be the season of giving, but to many card collectors it's a year round part of life. I have been fortunate to be on the receiving end of a few of these mailings, and it's time once again to show my gratitude.
I'll start off with the latest act of generosity. Chris (The Collector) sent me a genuine Christmas card with a few baseball goodies inside:

The George Bell puts me at just 6 more cards to complete the 1988 Leaf set. (I don't make New Years Resolutions, but completing that set has to be a goal next year!) The Nokes finishes off the 1988 Fleer All-Star Team insert set for me, and has been crossed off of my "So Close!" page. My first cards from this year's Archives set fills out the bunch.

Those weren't even the only bonus cards Chris has sent me recently. In our last Time Travel Trading Project trade, he included some more Red Sox cards!

Great stuff, especially that Conlon card!
TCDB member, blog reader, and thumbs up commentator Mark Z. also included a couple of extra cards in our last Time Travel trade. 

I miss Koji, he was so much fun to watch! Maybe he can put in a good word with Yoshinobu Yamamoto for the Red Sox!
Another recent TCDB trade from a collector named Scott included a card that has been on my TCDB want list for awhile:
I love Daniel Nava's story of how he made it to the Majors. It's the inspiring stuff Disney Movies are made of. If I ever decide to start player collecting, he'd be on the short list.
Last, but certainly not least, are some interesting non-sports card stuff from Tom (The Angels In Order). He had an Odd Stuff Giveaway back in September, and I was able to claim a couple of postcards and a pocket schedule.

My sincerest thanks to Chris, Mark, Scott, and Tom! May you receive generosities to match that which you have shown!


  1. It's starting to look a lot like Christmas :)

  2. Love that Nava insert and the Fenway Park postcards. And I'm happy I could help finish off one of your set builds.

    It's nice to have company on the Christmas card pile. Merry Christmas, Matt!

    1. Te postcards are actually McCoy,Stadium, the old Pawtucket Red Sox home. Thanks again Chris!

  3. Matt, I need your mailing address. I've got a few cards for you. You can find me on TCDB(mpdillard25)

  4. A. Jealous of the 88 Leaf set build. I really should make it a goal of mine to track down at least one of those 80's Leaf sets each year.

    B. Postcards (especially sports related ones) are very underrated. I really enjoy seeing them pop up on card blogs from time to time.

    1. If you ever want to chase down the '88 Leaf, I have a lot of extras!

  5. I've got five of the 1988 Leaf cards you need. I'll send them to you if you can send me your address. (Missing Eddie Murray)