Tuesday, January 2, 2018

And The SEC Winner Is...

First things first - Happy New Year! May you complete all your collecting goals for 2018!


When I initially came up with the idea of taking all the cards I picked from last spring's 30 Day Challenge and pitting them against each other in a bracket format, I didn't know what kind of reception it would get. My blog was new, and the number of visitors was minuscule. There was a point early on when I wondered what I would do if no one voted. That fear never came into play thanks to all of you. The challenge evolved from the early rounds where 1 vote chose the winner, to the final vote, where I had a record number of votes. You shared your insights into your decision making, and made my humble little blog a better place because of it. So again, I thank you!


Without further ado, may I present the people's champion...

It's good to be king!

 There was a point where I thought Tiant had a chance, but this card was pretty much the favorite from the very beginning. My only regret about this card winning is that this was one of the few cards from the 30 Day Challenge that I had to cheat with because I didn't own a viable card for that particular day. Still, it was amazing to discover that playable record/card exists, and hopefully someday I'll be able to find one. Ernie Banks is a worthy champion!

Thank you one last time to everyone that voted. A special thanks to Kin who voted every week, and was kind enough to even plug my little competition. I had fun doing this, and I hope you enjoyed it as well!


  1. Thank you for doing the challenge. Although I voted for Tiant, Ernie Banks is a very worthy Champion. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Fred! I appreciate the time you took to vote!