Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 Year In Review

Since 2018 is upon us, I thought I'd take a look at my blog and collection. While other bloggers have written about yearly goals, this post serves as more as a benchmark for me, since this blog is so new.

2017 Highlights

  • Obviously, the biggest thing to happen here on the Diamond Jesters blog in 2017 was the creation of the blog itself! After months of being a lurker on other collecting blogs, I finally took the leap and started up one of my own. It's been a fun and rewarding experience, and I can't wait to see what I come up with during the new year!
  • One of the big pluses to joining the blogging community has been joining an incredible community of people. I'm reminded almost daily how friendly, supportive, and generous my fellow collectors have been, and the wealth of knowledge freely shared is mind boggling. I'm glad to be a small part of this.
  • From a collection standpoint, I've slowly worked my way back in after a long hiatus. As such, this year saw some firsts for me - my first baseball card relic, my first graded card, and my first TTM autograph success! Lots of good stuff!

2017 Diamond Jesters Blog Stats

Number of posts: 140 (Not bad for my first year, especially since I didn't post anything for almost the first 4 months!)
Month with the most posts: 32 posts in May (This is when the 30 Day Challenge was in full swing, and I made a point to post almost every day!)
Top 5 viewed posts: (Oddly, all these posts are from December. I guess it's reflective of my blog becoming more well known..)
  1. Single Elimination Challenge - The Finals! (193 page views)
  2. SEC - Semifinals Match Up #1 (150 page views)
  3. The Best Free Stuff Is The Stuff You Stole (146 page views)
  4. Secret Santa Revealed! (137 page views)
  5. Instantly Iconic (133 page views)
Most commented post: Single Elimination Challenge - The Finals! - 12 comments (I pimped this on the TCDB forums, so I'm happy with the results!)
Most commented post (Non-SEC post): Secret Santa Revealed! - 11 comments (9 if you eliminate my own comments!)
Followers: 28 (Thanks to each and every one of you!)

My Collection

(Stats courtesy of the Trading Card Database)

Total number of cards: 35,428 (Unofficial - still cataloging my collection)
Cards from 2017 sets: 576 (Lower than I expected - a bland base set will do that I guess)
Red Sox cards: 2510 (Almost a thousand more than any other team!)
Autographed cards: 11 (4 new this year: Junior Guerra, Josh Sale, Luis Tiant, Christian Yelich)
Thanks Tyler!

Graded cards: 1 (New: David Wright)
Thanks Paul!

Relic cards: 5 (4 new: Ellis Burks, Dan Uggla, Eric Chavez, John Lckey)
Thanks Brian!


  1. Looks like it was a big year - congrats! Also, your blog is one of the best new ones to hit the web in 2017 and I can't wait to read more in the coming year!

  2. Now thats a good year. I hope '18 is even better!

    1. Thank you! Here's to a great 2018 for both of us!

  3. As Tony and S.I. said, that's a great year. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts in 2018. 2,500+ Red Sox cards is an impressive amount! I've never bothered to count each card but I have four binders full of Red Sox base and one box full of 'hits'. Your post makes me want to count them up!

    1. The Trading Card Database did the counting for me, I just had to check the stats!

  4. If there was a Blog Rookie of the Year award, I think you'd win for 2017!

    1. I don't know how much competition there would be for such an award, but I'm flattered! Thank you!

  5. 140 is an impressive amount of posts!