Friday, January 26, 2018

Payday Pack - Gonna Make You Sweat

Presenting for your Payday Pack enjoyment, pack #3 from the repack box. Today, I'll try to find 3 worthy cards from a pack of 2016 Topps Series 2.

3rd Place

2016 Topps #434 Matt Adams

Maybe it's just me, but Matt Adams looks HUGE in this photo, except for his arms which seem disproportionately tiny...

2nd Place

2016 Topps #465 Jesse Chavez

I wasn't a big fan of the smoke effect Topps used in this set, but it looks fantastic against a black background!

1st Place

2016 Topps #392 Jon Singleton

I've seen Jon Singleton up close. He is a big man. I hope he splashed some water on himself, because if he gets this sweaty, then this is a not a flattering picture. Sadly, his once promising career took another step back this week.

Others Not Appearing On Stage
#634 Jorge Lopez
#572 Marcell Ozuna
#608 Rick Porcello
#412 Mark Lowe
#388 Evan Longoria
#577 Jason Gurka (Rainbow foil parallel)
#FP-1 Tim McGraw (First Pitch insert)
Rediscover Topps Coupon (expired!)
#612 Cincinati Reds
#635 A.J. Pierzynski


  1. That’s a post-homer celebration shot. The ‘Stros were tossing cups of water on each other at that point.

    1. Thanks for confirming! I figured that was the case, especially with the way the player behind him was smiling, but when I first saw the card, my mind instantly though of a hot Texas summer day. I hope he can get his life and career back on track!