Friday, February 23, 2018

Payday Pack - Too Many Yankees

Yep, another pack of 2018 Topps! Any pack where a quarter of the cards you get feature your favorite team's rival is not a good pack by any standard. Needless to say none of those Yankees made the cut among my favorites:

3rd Place

2018 Topps #223 Evan Longoria

Evan looks upset. That is a definite "Are you kidding me?" scrunch face. Based on what he's said about his now former team, it seems appropriate.

2nd Place

2018 Topps #32 Jose Iglesias

There is a card blog out there (Please forgive me because for the life of me I can't remember who does this! EDIT: Thanks Billy! It's Johnny's Trading Post!) that looks at the shadows on the cards and makes guesses as to what they look like. I'll be interested in seeing what he comes up with for this one. (All I can think of is a bird with outstretched wings...)

1st Place

2018 Topps #79 J.T. Realmuto

This right here is about as beautiful of a catcher's action shot as you're likely to find. At least an action shot where you can actually see the catcher's face and he's not overshadowed by a runner trying to score.

Others Not Appearing On Stage:
#128 Jake Marisnick
#199 Shin-Soo Choo
#146 Zack Greinke (LL)
#193 Aaron Judge (LL)
#83-72 Didi Gregorius (1983 Topps)
#350 Clayton Kershaw
#181 Garrett Cooper (RC)
#108 Justin Turner (LL)
#242 Craig Kimbrel


  1. I believe you're thinking of Johnny's Trading Spot. I see a trident or one of those waving inflated figures you see at a car dealer

  2. That's a solid pack, even with all those Yankees. Longo reminds me of Mark-Paul Gosselar in the show Pitch on that card.

    1. You're right! That was a good show.

      I think the shadow is the Mariners' trident logo.