Friday, June 21, 2019

Confessions Of A Master Pickpocket

Back in my high school/college days, I would often gather with some friends and play Dungeons and Dragons. I usually ended up playing some sort of spell caster, but every now and then I'd develop a thief to play. I remember one campaign where our adventuring party was low on funds, so we decided to stage a performance at a local town. While my friends were wowing crowds with their feats of skill, I walked among the onlookers and picked the gold from their pockets. I had amazing luck - high monetary gains without even coming close to getting caught. I ended up with about 3 times as much gold as we were hoping for. I then proceeded to tell my friends that I scored half that amount, and secretly pocketed the rest for myself. The DM admired my moxie and rewarded me greatly. As far as role playing games were concerned, it was one of the few memorable things I did.

I never tested my pick-pocketing skills again - until now. The amazing Julie of A Cracked Bat, practically dares her regular blog readers to pick her pocket! The potential score was too much to resist, and once again luck was on my side. Check out the rewards of my thievery:

So many awesome Red Sox cards! Plus, since I was not in an adventuring party, I get to keep them all! I think the Dom DiMaggio reprint is my favorite, although the Luis Aparicio is sweet too.

Thanks again, Julie - may all your dice rolls be 20!


  1. Neat cards, and a fun story... what more could a reader ask for?

  2. Julie is awesome. Stealing is not. I once got banned by my local Long's because my friend and I got caught stealing a box of 1986 Topps baseball.

  3. Nice Red Sox pickups, especially the Salute insert.