Friday, July 12, 2019

First Impressions: 2019 Stadium Club

A couple weeks ago, I picked up my first pack of this year's Stadium Club set. Although this set has been blogged many times over by writers better than me, I'm still giving my first initial impression of the pack as I opened it.

#16 Fred McGriff

The underrated Fred McGriff gets the honor of being the top card. As always, Stadium Club's signature is full bleed photos with minimal graphics on front. I absolutely love the script they use here! It reminds me of a font you would find on a 70's rock album cover. The band Yes comes to mind for some reason. Stadium Club also likes to give us photos we're not used to seeing before. I never thought of it before I saw this card, but has a true knee-buckling line drive catch ever been shown on a card before?

#21 Charlie Blackmon
#146 Cody Bellinger
#161 Clayton Kershaw

I repeat myself here - Stadium Club shows you baseball in ways you've never seen. To be honest, I could have shown off every card in this pack. The photography is exactly what you would expect from this set. This Kershaw is easily the best of the pack. Absolutely incredible!

#44 Alex Bregman
#6 Kyle Wright (RC)
#247 Austin Meadows

Here's a look at the backs. Standard Stadium Club back - truncated stats, well-spaced, fairly nice background photo.

#170 Jose Altuve
#EZ-22 Mariano Rivera (Emperors Of The Zone insert)

Here's the one insert I got in the pack. Meh - not really digging the use of space here, although I appreciate the SO/BB ratio concept.

#119 Luis Severino
#218 Marcus Stroman

Another great shot as Stroman receives his Gold Glove award!

#182 Robin Yount

Last card revealed is another great photo of Brewers legend Robin Yount. Love those powdered blue uniforms!

All in all, a great entry into the Stadium Club series!

Oh, and this is officially my 400th post on this blog! Whoo-hoo!


  1. Congrats on 400 posts! I always enjoy the photo/player selection in Stadium Club sets. The Stroman and Yount cards are fantastic here. Haven't been out to Target in a while so I'm even later to the TSC party than you are.

  2. Congrats on Post #400! Always cool to see Stadium Club cards!

  3. An excellent Kershaw card on your 400th post. Sounds about right!

  4. Nice milestone, congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on #400. And I totally concur... that Kershaw is the coolest card in the pack.