Friday, July 26, 2019

Payday Pack - A Walk In The Park

Series 2 sure does get overshadowed by Stadium Club pretty quickly doesn't it? I still like the base set, and picked up some of the latest as my Payday Pack. There's some real hidden gems here, and I found some worth highlighting:

3rd Place

2019 Topps #441 Oriole Park At Camden Yards

I've been lucky enough to see a few games at Camden Yards, and it is without a doubt one of the best ballparks in all of baseball. Absolutely beautiful! Even though the team itself isn't doing much these days, it's worth your time to see a game here. Trust me, it's worth it.

2nd Place

2019 Topps - 1984 Topps Baseball All-Star
#84AS-DW Dave Winfield

I miss the days when All-Star cards looked like All-Star cards. You could tell what they where a mile away. Winfield's new look All-Star card looks better than his 1984 original!

1st Place

2019 Topps - Mookie Betts Star Player
Highlights #MB-11 Mookie Betts

Well played Topps, well played. I've been against these Star Player Highlights for a number of reasons. (Seriously - another 30 card insert set devoted to Aaron Judge?) Even Mookie's turn doesn't excuse a lot of the core issues with these sets, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't happy to pull this card. A silly look by Mookie on the front is made be even better by highlighting a great game against the Yankees on the back.  I might even chase this insert set...

Other Contestants Not Appearing On Stage:
#473 Kyle Wright (RC)
#547 Trevor Richards (RC)
#525 Ian Kinsler
#519 Julio Urias
#654 Kurt Suzuki
#689 Jose Briceno (RC)
#659 Aramis Garcia (RC)
#581 Travis Jankowski
#605 Jeffrey Springs (RC)
#456 Austin Barnes
#444 Powerful Pair (CL)
#470 Peter O'Brien
#410 Fenando Tatis Jr. (RC)
#526 Sandy Alcantara (Gold parallel)
#FF-16 Robin Yount (Franchise Feats insert)
#571 Bobby Poyner (RC)
#622 Troy Tulowitzki
#373 Christian Vazquez
#468 Anthony DeSclafani
#378 Brandon Workman
#505 Dellin Betances
#518 Steven Wright
#513 Brett Gardner
#467 A.J. Minter (ASR)
#381 Juan Lagares
#375 Cody Reed
#358 Leonys Martin
#522 Brian Johnson
#481 J.A. Happ
#577 Nicky Delmonico
#630 Dustin Fowler

I have to note that this was a weird pack - I pulled 6 Red Sox and 6 Yankees cards!


  1. I'm glad that Topps chose Mookie for one of those highlight insert sets, even though they become slightly repetitive after a while.

  2. The Mookie insert set is very cool, but those stadium cards are my favorite thing about this year's set. I've got to get out to Camden Yards one day.

  3. Kurt Suzuki + Fenando Tatis Jr. rookie card = solid pack.