Monday, March 9, 2020

Lucky #5 From Johnny's BFG

“Hey, laser lips, your mama was a snow blower.”

One of the most under-appreciated movies from the 80's was a sci-fi comedy called "Short Circuit" It tells the story of a robot named Number 5 who becomes sentient and tries to escape the big bad government agency that wants to weaponize him. It's a great movie, especially if you enjoy robots being reprogrammed to act like the 3 Stooges. The movie ends happily with the robot re-naming himself Johnny 5.

Why am I even mentioning this cinematic masterpiece? Because another Johnny, from Johnny's Trading Spot, is holding a weekly series of Big Fun Games. He's streamlined the process, keeping the participant numbers low and allowing the game to complete relatively quickly.

I was a lucky member of the first group, a small group of only 5 people. When the order was set, I was sitting at choice #2. If you've ever played one of these games before, being that low isn't really advantageous, as I only get to see one of the gifts to potentially steal, and pretty much everyone else has a chance to take my prize if it turned out to be something good.

After the first prize was revealed, I instantly knew it wasn't worth using my lone steal on, so I had to pick from one of the remaining 4 prizes. I chose #5 (Get it now? Johnny 5! Synergy!). As it were, I was very pleased with my choice, a selection of baseball Hall of Famers:

Image stolen from Johnny :)

Those are some sweet cards, and I'm glad no one stole them from me! Johnny also included a surprise card!

Modern cards of Hall of Famers is one thing, but a vintage card with one of the all-time great pitchers in baseball? Surprised indeed!

Thanks for the BFG and the cards, Johnny!


  1. Great movie, haven't thought about it in ages. Now I'll probably think about it every time I am on Johnny's site.

  2. Fun pickins! Johnny 5 signed me up for the last weekend in March. It'll be fun watching these play out. BTW, I never saw Short Circuit in completion. Just snippets over the years.

  3. I watched Short Circuit with my daughters not too long ago. I'm sure I saw it as a kid but it was completely new to me. That Waner DK definitely looks familiar though!

  4. Haven't seen Short Circuit in years, but I just listened to Who's Johnny by Debarge recently... maybe two weeks ago.

  5. The blogs need more Short Circuit references :)