Tuesday, October 26, 2021

2021 World Series Tale Of The Tape

The World Series starts tonight, and I'm dubbing this one the "Battle Of The Villains!" Now I know what you're thinking: The villainous Astros narrative is pretty well established, but the Braves? How are they villains?  Well, they're not to us baseball fans, but the MLB definitely considers the state of Georgia evil. Regardless of who wins, it's going to be an awkward trophy presentation for Rob Manfred. Now, for most baseball fans like me, chances are your team isn't one of the two left standing. Who do you vote for when your team isn't playing? Personally, I base it on a few different factors. Let's see how the two teams stack up:

Former Red Sox Players

Astros: Marwin Gonzalez
Braves: Jonathan Lucroy, Pablo Sandoval
If I can't root for my team, I can at least root for guys who used to be on my team. Unfortunately, there's not much to go on here. Gonzalez started the year with the Red Sox, didn't hit at all, and eventually got released. He's not on the Astros' postseason roster.  Lucroy and Sandoval had their tenure with the Braves end before the season did. (In fact, Sandoval was sent to Cleveland in exchange for NLCS MVP Eddie Rosario!) No former Red Sox on the great stage this year!

Advantage: None!

Shenandoah Valley Baseball League Alumni

Astros: none
Braves: none
For the first time since I started doing these, we don't have any former players from my local summer league involved. Oh well, maybe next year.

Advantage: None!

University of Virginia Cavaliers Alumni

Astros: none
Braves: none
Go Wa-hoos! Living a short drive from Charlottesville, I've gone to a few UVa baseball games. Once again, neither team earns an advantage because they don't employ any past Cavaliers. (However, a special shout out to Chris Taylor and his 3-HR game in the NLCS!)

Advantage: None!

Championship Drought

Astros: 3 years
Braves: 25 years

Finally! Someone earns a point!

Advantage: Braves

Personal Connection

My dad isn't a big baseball fan, but he has said he's always liked the Braves. I can probably chalk that up to TBS being the only real source for MLB games growing up. Also, I have a picture of my dad and I standing at Hank Aaron's locker from our only trip to the Hall of Fame.

Advantage: Braves

Spring Training Adventures

I've seen both teams play during my trips to Spring Training, but the Astros are the only team that I got a signed ball from.

Advantage: Astros

Bias Against The Team That Eliminated The Red Sox From The Postseason

What? I'm not bitter, but it's a little soon to be turning around and rooting for the Astros...

Advantage: Braves

Final Talley: Braves 3, Astros 1
Not going to lie, there isn't a whole lot for me to get excited about this year. I'll probably listen to it in the background while I'm doing other things, but then again, baseball does have that way of pulling you into the excitement.

See what I did there? ;)

Go Braves!


  1. I haven't watched a pitch of the postseason this year, though I've followed a few games online. I'll try to watch at least a little of one World Series game. I don't like either team enough to be excited for them to win, and I don't hate either team enough to be mad if they win.

  2. Ok with either team winning. I'd like to see the Astros win for a shot at redemption. LOL. I was a huge Braves fan in the 90s, thanks to TBS. Rangers were about the only baseball available in Oklahoma. I'll be watching.

  3. It's no contest for me, rooting for the Braves and I don't even like them. I won't watch much, there isn't any incentive and I'll be working mostly.