Friday, October 8, 2021

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Rahway, NJ

It took awhile to get this trade completed, but I'm happy to show off 9 new cards for the collection. My trade partner, Stephen, unfortunately had to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida and couldn't mail out his end of the trade in a timely matter. We stayed in contact, I was happy to wait, and eventually, the cards arrived. 
As per usual, there are Red Sox needs, including a pair of Pedros. The rest of the trade was a selection of cards from the 1993 Ted Williams set. This is another one of those sets I'm not actively working on, but I like enough to pick up cards when I can.
Favorite card: Cards of Negro League players are always cool, so Rube gets today's "award".

Thanks for the trade Stephen!


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  1. North Jersey got hit way harder by Ida than anyone expected. I've been through Rahway many times as it's on the route to the big model show I attend in Wayne every year.

  2. The Rube Foster is nice because it isn't the usual photo of him that gets used for card sets.