Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Repack Haiku #227 (Lance Parrish)

Could make argument:
One of eighties best catchers?
More awards than Fisk
1992 Fleer #66 Lance Parrish

Parrish is an interesting study of stats vs. awards. Compared to his contemporaries Carlton Fisk and Gary Carter, he fell well short of their statistical achievements. However, he was an 8-time all star who won 3 Gold Gloves (more than Fisk, same as Carter) and 6 Silver Slugger awards (more than both Fisk and Carter). Even on the statistical side, he ended his career with the exact same number of home runs as Carter did. He was also the cleanup hitter for one of the most dominate teams of the era, the World Champion 1984 Tigers. Yet while Fisk and Carter are immortalized in the Hall of Fame, Parrish got only 9 votes in his one and only appearance on the 2001 ballot. I'm not saying he was snubbed for the Hall, but he should have easily reached the 5% minimum.


  1. Is he the rare '84 Tiger who is underrated instead of overrated?

  2. I like Parrish. He deserved a better showing on the ballot. Wow, only nine votes and once?

  3. I hate Lance Parrish. The Phillies paid him a billion dollars and he showed his appreciation by hitting .230 / .304 / .385.

  4. Your haiku inspired me to check out Parrish's career stats and - wow, he had a lot of power for a catcher in the '80s! I had no idea he was so accomplished. Great points!