Friday, August 12, 2022

Ranking Rod's Relinquished Red Sox Reserve

Last week I showed off some great customs that Rod (Padrographs) sent along in a lot I purchased from him. Today I'm highlighting some of the cards created by other people/companies. Once again, I'll count down my 10 favorites:

10. 2022 Topps

#216 Kyle Schwarber

The Red Sox acquired Schwarber at last year's trading deadline, and he fit in really well. Rather than resign him, they decided to let him sign elsewhere. He currently leads the NL with 33 home runs, which is more than the Red Sox entire outfield has hit so far this year. 

9. 2008 Topps Opening Day

#87 Manny Ramirez

Red borders work well for Red Sox cards!

8. 1993 Pinnacle Cooperstown

#11 Andre Dawson

Wether you love or hate the DH, you can't argue that it allowed the Hawk to extend his Hall of Fame career playing in Boston.

7. 2016 Topps Update - 3,000 Hits Club

#3000H-1 Carl Yastrzemski

A classy looking insert celebrating those talented few that have reached the legendary 3,000 hit plateau.

6. 1990 Interpretive Marketing Baseball Wit

#50 Ted Williams

This is a new one to me. I've never heard of these cards before, and I got Luis Aparicio in addition to Tedd y Ballgame. Not bad cards - a little flimsy stock-wise, but with some fun trivia on the back.

5. 1990 Swell Baseball Greats

#96 Bobby Doerr

Food issue oddballs are always welcome!

4. 1993 Conlon Collection TSN

#674 Rick Ferrell

I'm not actively collecting the Conlon set, but I always jump at the chance to pick any of these cards up!

3. 2016 Topps Walmart Marketside

#10 David Ortiz

I repeat -  Food issue oddballs are always welcome!

2. 1983 Fleer

#200 Carl Yastrzemski

Grateful to add this card of Yaz from the last year of his career.

1. Vince Pesky promo

Would you believe that my favorite card in the stack is one I had absolutely no desire to keep? By the time you read this, it'll be in the hands of the proprietor of a certain blog. Still, this card (a promo from a book called "The Sons Of Slabtown & Tales Of Westside Sports") features the brother of Red Sox legend Johnny Pesky, and is just so unusual it made me smile.

Thanks for the cards, Rod!



  1. So, that's where the Pesky came from! Oh, and Andre Dawson was a Sock? I don't remember that at all.

  2. Swell was a food issue? I've bought a couple packs of the stuff at the LCS.

    1. I stand corrected. I swear I remember seeing the brand name Swell in grocery stores as a kid, and I always think these are food issues for some reason. Mandela Effect in baseball cards? Could be an interesting topic for a post...

    2. Swell made bubble gum, so I can understand lumping it in with food issues. OTOH, Topps started off as a chewing gum company, too :D

  3. A. Sweet Baseball Wit Williams.

    B. Pretty sure I've got an unopened box of Swell laying around somewhere.

    C. Pesky was a batboy? Interesting piece of baseball trivia.

    1. See my above comment regarding Swell. As for the Pesky, not sure if his famous brother was also a bat boy, but it wouldn't surprise me.

  4. Those cards sure do bring back memories, nice post!!