Friday, March 22, 2024

Trapped In Time: Remnants Of The 79th And 80th Trades

Only 3 cards this time around (or 2 if you a stickler for such things). Still, these cards having been sitting unclaimed for over 3 years, so let's see who is on the chopping block today!
Added to my personal collection 01/15/21: 1981 Topps #47 Ken Brett, 1981 Topps #49 Bob Shirley, 1981 Topps #59 Dan Petry, 1981 Topps #610 Darrell Porter, 1981 Topps #641 Mark Belenger, 1981 Topps #681 New York Mets - Joe Torre (TC)
Added to the Time Travel Trade Stack 01/15/21:
  • 1981 Topps #226 Manny Sanguillen (See Trade #88)
  • 1981 Topps #277 Alfredo Griffin (See Trade #117)
  • 1981 Topps #402 NL Championships
  • 1981 Topps #450 Dave Kingman (AS) (See Trade #88)
  • 1981 Topps #650 Bucky Dent (AS) (See Trade #130)
  • 1981 Topps #695 Kent Tekulve (See Trade #282)
  • 1981 Topps #726 Rick Monday (See Trade #286)

Another double from my personal collection that will return to join its brethren after a 3 year vacation. It's a great card, celebrating the Phillies for winning the 1980 NLCS. I know I must be old because as I pulled this card, I thought to myself how odd it was that they defeated the Astros, and then instantly remembered that they were once an NL team. Seems like ages ago, doesn't it?

Traded 01/27/21: 1965 Topps #139 The Cards Celebrate! (WS), 1954 Bowman #16 Jim Wilson, 1953 Topps #35 Irv Noren
Received 01/19/21:
  • 1964 Topps #95 George Altman
  • 1953 Topps #213 Ray Scarborough (See Trade #210)
  • 1937-38 Diamond Matchbooks Tan 6 (hockey) #NNO Glenn Brydson
When it comes to the blogs I read and my own personal viewership, the hockey card collector is a rarity. Even rarer are those that collect vintage hockey cards. Rarer still, those that consider matchbooks fair game, especially ones that predate the 2nd World War. Like every other pre-war card, it will remain in the stack as a reminder of how far back this project has gone. The Altman will fit nicely in my collection of no one wants to trade for it.

I'm thinning out the Time Travel Trading stack! Make me an offer!


  1. I'll take the Phillies card if nobody else wants it. Just add it to next month I guess.

  2. There was a point on my card collecting timeline when hockey was my #1 sport. It's been almost thirty years... but I still have a decent collection of hockey cards. Sadly...on a handful of those are vintage. But if I find a bargain vintage player of a name I recognize, I'll grab it.