Monday, March 4, 2024

Down The Ebay Rabbit Hole #6 - A Box Of Sox (And A Small Contest!)

It's long overdue for me to put this little series to bed. Over the past 5 months, I posted about some purchases I had made on eBay using a prepaid gift card that I had that was set to expire. I'm finally ready to post largest of those purchases! 

One of the things I'll occasionally search for are just listings that offer up sizable lots of Red Sox cards. I managed to find one that offered up over 450 cards from 1976-2011, including a few completed team sets that I just happened to need. Going through the photos provided showed that there were a significant number of cards that would be needs for me too. The starting price was low, so I kept an eye on it. No one bid, so towards the end I bid the minimum. I won of course, and although shipping was a bit high I still grabbed a great deal.
In addition to the above box, there were a few small cases of additional cards.
There was also this book.
I may have to do a separate blog post on this one. It's pretty cool, giving a full pictorial checklist of every Red Sox card produced in the Topps base sets from 1952-1987. 
As I said, the listing mentioned a couple of team sets. Both the 1982 and 2011 sets were sets I needs a good amount of cards from, so I was glad to knock these out. As it were, the previous owner did not consider Red Sox appearances on League Leader cards as part of a team set, so there are still a couple of cards from these years for me to track down. Even though they weren't listed, there were many other completed team sets, mostly from the Topps Traded/Traded & Rookies/Update series of cards. The most unusual "team sets" was all 27 Red Sox from the 2003 Topps Home Team Advantage parallel. I didn't even know that was a thing to be honest. I have a complete team set of this parallel, but not the base cards!
There were also 4 complete sets from those team specific hangers that Topps sells.

All told there were 487 cards included, and over half of them were needs! That's a big win in my book!

Speaking of winning...there were some cards in that box that were not Red Sox cards.
For whatever reason, there were a few Turkey Red inserts included. I don't collect them, don't want them, don't need them! So I think a small little contest is in order. 

These whole series of posts revolved around 6 purchases I made using a prepaid gift card. Here are links to the previous posts if you want to refresh your memory:

#6: This box of over 450 Red Sox cards

Whoever comes closest to guessing how much that prepaid card originally had on it, without going over, wins the Turkey Reds. I will say that after these purchases, I had a whopping 6 cents left over, so I did a real good job of spending the entirety of the card. So, how much did all these cards set me back?


  1. $60. And some great pickups you got out of it.

  2. Great finds. Glad you found so many needs. In terms of the contest, I will guess $70.

  3. Nice stuff in that lot. I'm guessing $30.00.

  4. That's a nice find. Sadly my Dodgers are mostly complete for those years so I probably couldn't do the same unless some oddballs were thrown in. ... I have a few of those Surf books.

  5. I'm surprised you have so many Red Sox needs.

  6. Fun lot to go through. I’ll go with $50 on the card.

  7. The Surf book is cool. I'll still see a copy of the A's or Giants pop up at the flea market.

  8. *By the way, if I win, could you shoot me a comment on Don Cardwell because you don't have my address?

  9. I'll go with one dollar, Bob!

  10. Closing the contest - I'll announce the winner on Monday!

  11. These kind of lots seem like they'd be a "lot" of fun for team collectors.